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Jun 3, 2004
Northern Colorado
***EDIT*** Current plan is to meet at the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum Tuesday - 18 Jun - evening and do a tour, camp at the KOA down the street and then head out w/ Kurt Weds AM.

Original Post below...

Too soon?

It was killing me not to be there at this year's Pig Party.

I really liked the idea of taking a look at options in Utah for the 2019 Pig Party, and we have a great resource in Kurt Williams; @cruiseroutfit who is based in Salt Lake (SLC) and has done some very extensive exploring all over Utah and surrounding states.

Kurt was kind enough to spend some time on the phone with me and we discussed some possible scenarios for PP '19, including starting (or ending) at the Land Cruiser Museum in SLC. This would be an absolute blast. They have 4 Pigs there, and we could do some kind of kick-off event there with some food.

If folks are open to changing campsites every night we could go from SLC to Moab, or run the San Rafael Swell, or head W toward Nevada, or we could head up into the mountains (cooler) and stay at the same camp site every night and venture out from central camping.

In 2019, the Summer Solstice (21 June) is on a Friday. We could meet up at the Museum on Wednesday and go from there.

Not sure if it is too early to start the discussion, but we have a great opportunity to pick Kurt's brain and work up a solid plan for next year.

And I will be there!
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Aug 21, 2011
Dittmer, Mo.
We're in for sure. Moving camp everyday would be different for this group and maybe pretty cool to do. Something different anyway and if we as a group didn't like it then back to a base camp for '20. We're open to either.

Thanks Kurt for taking time to mess with our rag tag bunch! :)
Mar 15, 2012
Lakeside Ca
We are in for 2019. How bout a central Camp with trips out for an overnighter and sleep on the ground or in the rig ! This way we alleviate the Camp set up and take down !
Or we just come prepared to make it all trail oriented and toothbrush and sleeping bag
Nov 23, 2012
San Diego
I like the base camp but I could adjust my gear for overland style. I wonder what that does to the pulled pork or the ones that tow a trailer. Also the part when some of the princesses were shipped out to the event.


Oct 18, 2002
Cottonwood, Az.
For a gathering like what the Pig Parties are, extending at least a week, I vote for having a base camp. That way stragglers who arrive later in the week know exactly where to go. If people want to go off to other places to camp out a night or two, let them, but keep the main event at a known location.
Apr 30, 2008
Grand Junction CO
Rooftop tent works for either scenario, so we're good to base camp or do an expedition-type run. My only reservation is that the UT desert can be a might toasty in mid-late June if that's where we're headed. Wondering about the back side of the Tetons (Idaho side, BIG mountains between there and Yellowstone). Only been through there once but remember lots of beautiful wide open spaces between Driggs and Bozeman. Easy access to Yellowstone before or after for those who want. I-80, I-90 or I-15 gets everyone pretty close from all parts of the country.
Any thoughts, JMack?
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