SOLD NJ: 1996 LX450 3X Locked, Supercharger, OEM Sub Tank, 156k (1 Viewer)

Apr 11, 2019
Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
New Jersey, United States
Putting up my cruiser for sale due to relocating. I've put a lot of time and money into this truck to make it my own. I believe in Toyota's engineering and longevity in parts. Because of this I stick to only OEM unless a proven upgrade is available. Most of the work has been completed by me using only OEM parts and instruction manuals.
In 1997, with 7k miles, the speedometer failed and was replaced with new by the Lexus dealer. I have the Lexus service record indicating this and the truck has the door jam sticker showing the change in mileage. This event will show up on the history report as a Not Actual Mileage. Putting this up top so its clear to any potential buyer who runs the report.
The cruiser is very clean with original paint and no body work.
Here is a list of completed work and upgrades.

1996 LX450, 4.5L Supercharged Inline 6cyl.
156k miles.
Center, Front, and Rear Lockers
Asking: $32.5k
Location: Rumson, NJ

  • Head gasket job at 146k using OEM Toyota parts. This includes new head bolts, washers, screws, gaskets, seals, and sealants. Receipts available.
  • Engine block flushed and cooling system serviced with Toyota Red coolant.
  • New Radiator, thermostat, and water pumps installed.
  • New OEM radiator hoses.
  • New OEM heating system hoses and valves.
  • New belts.
  • AC system serviced. I had it evacuated at a responsible shop, then I replaced the condenser, TXV, and dryer with new OEM and finally serviced the evaporator. System recharged at Toyota dealer to OEM spec.
  • Vacuum system serviced with ALL new OEM hoses and sensors.
  • Intake manifold cleaned internally and serviced with new gaskets.
  • Front main crank seal replaced with new OEM. Common leak point on 80’s and is partially involved to complete.
  • Oil pump seal replaced with OEM.
  • Power steering pump overhauled using OEM rebuild kit. Common failure point on 80’s. Done as preventative maintenance.
  • Steering gear box rebuilt using OEM kit. Another common failure point. Done as preventative maintenance.
  • New OEM steering tie rods installed and adjusted by dealer on alignment machine.
  • Front steering knuckles rebuilt entirely with new OEM bearings, seals, and gaskets.
  • Rear axle rebuilt with new OEM bearings, seals, and gaskets.
  • Starter upgraded to the more robust 2.2kW version. I rebuilt it with all new OEM parts for longevity.
  • All new OEM undercarriage Bushings. Expensive and big job.
  • New cat-back exhaust with new OEM hangers and gaskets. OEM exhaust is no longer available.
  • Parking brake system overhauled and parts replaced with new OEM.
  • Alternator cleaned and rebuilt with new brushes and seals.
  • Throttle body cleaned, calibrated and serviced with new gaskets.
  • Heater core removed and serviced as preventative maintenance. Big job.
  • New 285/75/16 BF Goodrich All Terrains.
  • YellowBox speedo corrector installed to compensate for larger tires.
  • Engine harness near the EGR was inspected and insulated with high temperature insulation. Common issue on 80’s where the harness melts due to failed clips. Harness on my truck was untouched. I wrapped it as preventative maintenance.
  • New OEM bushings for rear sway bar.
  • New OME “stock height” suspension with new OEM shocks.
  • New ARB front bull bar. OEM bumper included.
  • NWTI Rear bumper.
  • TRD Magnuson Supercharger. 12k on it.
  • LandTank Orange Fan Clutch.
  • LandTank MAF kit. Custom MAF assembly to provide better metering of air. Utilizes a new OEM MAF sensor.
  • OEM Ratcheting chain tensioner.
  • OEM Quad Headlights with correct LHD lenses. Upgraded wiring.
  • OEM SubTank system. All OEM parts used and installed as it would be at the factory. Includes matching overhead console. Does not impede use of the spare tire system. 80’s were designed to have this tank. The US market just did not get it.
  • Center, front, and rear differential lockers.
  • Center diff lock switch
  • New OEM front and rear locker actuators.
  • New front driveshaft. Original had failing u-joints. It was cheaper to replace with new compared to having it serviced.
  • 3rd row seats included. Like new.
  • OEM Radio included.
  • Radio antenna serviced to function as new.
  • New OEM hood insulation and clips.
  • New OEM throttle cable.
  • OEM hand throttle cable added.
  • New OEM windshield with seal.
  • New JDM AC condenser fan.
  • WoolWax under body coating.
  • 2 OEM keys and remotes includes
  • New Odyssey Battery

More photos will be added over the weekend. If you have any questions please message me.
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Jan 13, 2018
New Jersey
I am very familiar with this truck, the level of detail of the work performed is incredible. Whoever ends up with this 80 will be very happy. Logicbyondreaso’s knowledge of the 80 series is impressive, he has helped me out on many occasions with problems with my truck.
Oct 28, 2019
New jersey
@hogan646- I agree with your comments. Whoever ends up with this cruiser will not only be very happy but would get a cruiser family member with an impressive knowledge on troubleshooting any 80 series problems (ask me how I know😁). The level of detail performed is spot on and you will get a unique cruiser (supercharger and a sub tank😁) . Good luck with the sale.


Dec 17, 2005
Big Orange Country
Looks like a well presented truck!

There will be questions regarding the undercarriage, based on location, multiple pictures will help.

Hope it goes to a Mud member and gets enjoyed for years to come! Good luck with the sale etc.

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