Durabak vs Al's liner

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Mar 26, 2011
so heres my question, what to use I want to put some kind of liner on the lower portion of my door panels, fender flares and roof once the rust rack is off. im just not sure on what product to use either Al's or durabak, Al's seems to have a better following but durabak looks easier ( less to mix ) and more standard colors to choose from.

and does any one have a pic of a dark green LC with its lower doors coated in either dark gray or black.
Mixing Al's just requires focus, you don't need to be a chemist. What I like about the Al's is that you CAN be a chemist if you want, as the variables in the components allows you to create a wide array of color tints, textures, reflectiveness, hardness etc. It might take a $100 kit in experimenting to get what you like but IMO it's worth it.
This is black Line-X. I had it done professionally.


Consider U-Pol... I have had great results with it. Coated my flares, ARB bumper and and the entire body of a past cruiser. Very easy to work with and I like the texture. Lots of threads on here about it. I like the sounds of Al's, but the gun to shoot the material is an added cost. With U-Pol each kit comes with its own shutz gun.
x2 on the UPOL raptor liner. Available in UV resistance, custom colors and with a gun for 100 +/-

then there is the worth products if you have access to wholesale paints etc
thanks for the pics, now more research on the upol
i know welding the holes up is the best method but which of these products give better coverage if you go the metal tape route
Bringing this back. I am debating between Al's , UPOL Raptor, and Second skin to do the inside of my truck. Anyone have anything else to add? How thick can you get these DIY spray on's? As think as line-x or other "professional" spray ons? I am going for maximum sound deadening and rest prevention mostly. I will be installing a carpet over the liner.
May want to consider Monstaliner also. UV inhibitors, bunch of colors, and it doesn't have rubber granules in it. There is a huge thread in the vendors section on jeepforum with tons of info on it.
I love U-Pol Raptor and have used it on everything from Guitars and Laptops to my 80 and my Boat floors :cool:

The Black covers extremely well and sprays evenly every time :)

On the other hand, the tintable version doesn't cover nearly as well and trying to color match multiple spray bottles can be a chore since they can't seem to get the exact level to start with :meh:

I plan on ordering an Al's Tan kit tomorrow to turn this.....


into this :cool:

Upol seems to be the most user friendly. Id have to buy a gun for both the Al's and the Monsta-liner. Both seem pretty sold though. Hmmm. and Als.

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