Anyone have a vector file of a 97 Head Bolt Torque valve cover sticker?

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Huh? What sticker are you talking about? Do you have a photo of it? I'll just create the vector.
It doesn't I have crawled all over both my 80's engines and unless you're talking about something I am not comprehending neither of my LX's have a head bolt sticker on the back drivers side. Do you have a pic of it?
Part number seems to check out. 11284-66010 but appears to be in Japanese. Not sure if this is how it looks:

That label is not "missing" on a 97 engine. They were used on early engines only.
yeah, neither LX trucks at my house have it but all 4 of the 93/94 engines i have pulled have that sticker.
That label is not "missing" on a 97 engine. They were used on early engines only.

Good to know. Is this true for the 1FZ sticker as well? I still think it'd be cool to get for my rebuild if anyone has one or a vector file.
The "1FZ-FE" label was used from 9-1992 to 5-1993 only. It too would be "incorrect" for a later engine. Of course you could put one on if desired. Here in the museum we would take it back off......:lol:
It's missing on my motor but commonly found on the drivers side rear part of the 1FZ-FE valve cover. Thanks! TC might be able to post one.

May be a bit hard to see, and even more challenging to read, in Japanesse?
My wife's 3VZE 3.Slow 90 4R has these stickers all over. I like that Toyota did that, even if they peeled and are illegible after 26 years.

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