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Feb 18, 2019
Jacksonville, FL / Thomasville Ga
Cruiser Gods,

I have done a poor job of documenting my past projects, so for this impulse buy, I have decided to document as much as possible. This is my first 40 series project, it is apparent I will need to enlist the help of the MUD community. I have wanted my own FJ40 since i was a little kid. I found this FJ40 less than 5 miles from my house. I was BJANDCJ in a past life.

The lady in questions:
- 2/1979 FJ40 California spec.
- Sky Blue
- Dealer option Clardy A/C

The Legend:
Sold new in California, stayed until it was sold out of San Diego in 2009. From 2009 until 9/5/2019 is has been garage kept (car port last year) and driven 7,000 miles in the last 10 year. From the service record I have, it looks like it has been loved and fairly well maintained for the last 20 years

Current State:

The good:
- service records from 2000 thru 2019
- 2.5'' HFS CCOT lift. (no experience)
- SOR vinyl seats and cushions have been replaced.
- new OEM badges (originals saved)
- factory Toyota vinyl carpet (torn at driver right heel)
- most EVERYTHING works as it should
- very complete and original/ period correct
- good compression
- passed California smog in 2009 ( less than 8k miles ago)

* The transmission and t-case were rebuild in 2007 among other things. The work was done by Burbank Union Aurocare Center. * Anybody have any info on this outfit? (around 10k miles ago)

The Bad:
-The exterior was repainted the original Sky Blue before it was sold in 2009. Patina lost forever
- wrong front bumper
- There is rust on the rear quarter panels that has busted thru, zero signs of any previous rust repair or bondo.
- the clutch master cylinder leaking
- surface rust around the drain holes on the floor boards.
-surface rust on the inside of the hood where a heat shield had been stuck.
- A/C does not blow cold. (leaking hoses)
- steering box leak

The Plan:
I just want a solid original cruiser that is fun to drive. 95% I will have to top and doors off.

Preserve Patina:
-hot pressure wash the exterior and undercarriage (complete)
- sprayed rust converter on the rust spot on the undercarriage. (complete)
- spray fluid film in the body cavities to prevent rust from eating her from the inside out.

Change all fluids:

Change all hoses:
- California smog equipment looks like it will be hard to find parts for. I have been looking for the pump hoses? Please....
- Clardy A/C hose are leaking so i think i will replace with modern crimped hose or just shelf the whole ac unit or Vintage Air

Front and rear axle rebuild:

Fix Rust:
I am going to start with the right rear quarter first. I basically spent all of sunday scrubbing the bottom of the cruiser with CLR and a scotch brite pad, and i am pretty confident there has never been any previous rust repair.
-Who makes the best rear quarter patch panel?
- Any special techniques or prep work I should consider?


1979 and brooks.jpg

rear glam shot.jpg

glam shot.jpg

front birds eye.jpg

chasse under pasanger door.jpg
Aug 25, 2007
Bowling Green, KY
Nice 79! Not much needed on this 40.

I’ve been reading up on the Patina thread about slathering Fluid Film over original undercarriage and just running as is. Something I did not do with my ‘81 regretfully.

My OCD would want to attack the rear sill and quarter panels, but i would leave it at that.


Joel, TLCA #21509
Aug 11, 2005
Phoenix, AZ
Great looking rig... too bad about the repaint. I'd stop the rust but not go deep into cut-and-weld repair. She's already in great shape.

Love seeing your little guy already enjoying it.
Jan 11, 2014
North Georgia
Yours is one month older than mine, and same color mine originally was. With your 2.5" HFS lift, my take would be to put a set of five 33x10.5 BFG AT's on her - and be done with it.


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