1. N

    Front passenger side window

    Hello all, I am desperately in need of a front passenger side window replacement for my 2005 landcruiser. My wife and I are traveling through Mexico at the moment.I have been looking for the past 24 hours with no luck! Please help! Thanks
  2. D

    Wanted  Looking for window belt moulding clips

    Anybody have window belt moulding clips they want to sell me? I need them for a 1994 FZJ80. Toyota part # is 68211-60030. I’m located in Central California. Thanks.
  3. bryanl7

    Window and Door Lock Controls

    Hi, the drivers side window and door lock control will not lock the passengers side door and it will not roll down the right side back seat window down or up. The controls on those doors work just fine when I use them. It appears that the drivers side master control is the problem but not...
  4. aonis

    Wanted  Left-Hand Window Channel for an FJ62

    Mine has rusted out in my rear passenger window on the left side and detached itself from the regulator. Was hoping someone just had one lying around.
  5. AirheadNut

    Sunroof, Windows and Locks Inop

    I have a 1990 HZJ81 with non-working sunroof and windows, and door locks that go crazy every once in a while. The sunroof is stuck open on the tilt position and it is getting wet inside, so any help would be appreciated! :) I’ve read a bunch of threads about this problem, and have checked all of...
  6. Triple E

    LX450 (FJ80 series) dashboard cluster, power windows, sunroof not functioning

    Hello everyone, So I was working on installing a stereo to my 1997 LX450 but I was not able to complete the task. I reinstalled the OEM stereo back and had it working but then I realized that it started to rain and wanted to raise the windows. The windows weren’t working, none of my windows...
  7. Boz_10

    For Sale  2001 LC rear hatch/gate

    Rear hatch/gate, riverrock color with windshield/glass. It has rust on the hatch but the rest of it is good/functional. Selling for parts or the whole thing. $100. Located in Cincinnati/NKY area. PM with questions. Thanks
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80Door Lock Actuators, Window Motors and Regulators ETC

    SoCal FJ80 for all 4 doors, and Many Tailgate Parts Shipping available Any and every part from FJ80 Doors including gaskets, handles and all. Please send Private Message with zip code for shipping estimate. If appropriate, include interior color. All Power Door Lock Parts, Electronics, ETC...
  9. NovemberNoLast

    '76 FJ40 window channel/felt replacement

    in the very near future, i am going to replace all the channels/felts of both doors in my '76, I cannot take the rattling anymore (the temporary fix of inserting odor eaters between the doors and glass has worked but it's time to move on up). I've been reading thread after thread on this topic...
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Electric Window Master Control and Bezel FJ80, Window Regulators

    SoCal Master Control does all 4 power windows plus Doorlock $75 Bezel for Master Control in Very Good Condition $40 One in Brown, One in Grey Shipping at cost, and it is less than $10 within USA Window Regulators with Motors for all 4 doors for 1990-1997 FJ80 $50 front, $45 rear, shipping at...
  11. R

    Wanted  window switch (auto), or just the cap - passenger side- 99 4Runner

    hi - i do not need the entire plate and window/lock switch assembly i just need the cap to the switch - looks like passenger side is same as the 2 on driver side . my switch works but i busted off the cap and some little white rocker/plunger inside is broken too. I would be able to fix with...
  12. D

    Electric windows issue

    Ok boys need some help here I read most the issues with the windows and can find one that matches mine I have just brought a 1993 80 series and the drivers side electric window has stopped working all other windows work fine it was work but slow then it go down fine then stop going up so would...
  13. W

    Replacing Window Felt

    So I recently bought new inner and outer replacement felt for all my windows on my FJ62 and ran into some issues on the outers. I have seen a thread about being able to pop the new ones in by taking out the chrome piece under the seal. I was wondering if there was a way to keep the original...
  14. alohamade

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Front PS Wind Wing Window Frame Assembly 1963-1974

    Aloha, I have a Pair of 1963-1974 FJ40 Wind Wing Windows with Handles- Right & Left - $250 for the pair or best Offer + Shipping. PM or comment. I have many photos I can share if you want more photos. I am located in Hawaii so keep that in mind for shipping etc. I am not seasoned in FJ40's...
  15. DirtScaresMe

    rear window falling off its track

    My passenger side second row window did something a little odd today. It rolled down about 1/4 the way, then flew down into a solid THUNK. I took the panel off, and the little roller pops right out of the track once it's more than 1/4 of the way down. I took a picture at the 1/4 down mark; any...
  16. S

    Fresh air vent gasket on window frame

    hello I'm wondering if anyone has ordered the replacement gasket for this cowl/fresh air vent located on the windshield frame of an fj45. If so did you have to grind out the tack welds out and separate the inner and outer piece of the metal to get the new gasket in place. Or of the new gasket...
  17. Y

    For Sale  40 series window cushion gasket oem

    Sold Oem wind shield cushion gasket, pristine, no cracks, not brittle, supple rubber no micro cracks. Super freshy! $80 will ship in cont us for free
  18. gummycarbs

    Is there a clear film on the rear hatch glass?

    I've searched the forum and read several threads, but couldn't really answer my question. My '94 has a clear film of some kind on the rear window (the hatch/liftgate window with the defroster wires). It's slightly blurry and peeled in a few spots. I don't know if this is OEM, or just badly...
  19. B

    Window Regulator

    Got the usual problem - worn out drivers side window crank. Anybody out there know how to fix one of these (older style 1970) or know where I can buy a new one (or good used if such a thing exists). Thanks.
  20. LandCruiserPhil

    Window Screens/Socks Bug protection 80 and 100 series

    More info click here ► Window Screens/Socks Bug protection 80/LX450 100/LX470 $30 a pair FREE SHIPPING Order click here ► Window Socks/Bug Screens - Land Cruiser Products - LCP
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