1. L

    For Sale SWB 70 Series Side Window Frames/Runs - New

    I ordered replacement side window frames (left and right) and 2 sets of runs (2 each, left and right) for my HZJ73 but mistakenly ordered parts that fit a SWB 70/71 instead of my MWB 73. Asking $100 plus shipping for all the parts. Still new in packaging: 1 x Toyota 62706-60022 - FRAME...
  2. 8

    80 series window replacement

    Ok everyone, Been on here to get tons of info for things I need, fixes, general info, etc... The problem I have now is the driver side front window on my 80 was broken, thank goodness for the ancient tint on the window or it would have fallen apart. Needless to say this thing is taped up and...
  3. Spino

    Sticky hand-crank windows - 1984 FJ60

    Hi all. My hand-crank windows on my ‘84 FJ60 are pretty hard to operate, especially the driver’s window. It’s a great workout, but I’m actually going for tone, not bulk, right now. So I’d like to fix it. My hunch is the window felts should be replaced (see photo). Should I keep an eye out for...
  4. S

    Wanted LJ78 back door window (Left side)

    Hi, I need to replace the back door, smaller left side broken window. Is anyone parting out an LJ78 or have a line on glass parts? Thank you
  5. ThatDude

    MWB Window BJ46 - Parts

    Does anyone know where I can get a weatherstrip for this rear window? I think they’re unique to the MWB models. I think OEM is out of production, so hoping there’s an aftermarket source or a similar Part that can sub in.. I’d prefer not to have to try and sika the thing back in… Any ideas...
  6. Burky

    SOLD Ventura CA: window motor fj62

    Need a front driver window motor FJ62 Shipped to 93004
  7. A

    Im new im new i dont know what to do!

    Hey, I have a 2001 Tacoma and it's been 1 issue after the next. I bought it knowing I'd have a few things to fix but I didn't realize it would be this intense and I'm at the end of my wits. Please help. The most recent issue is the driver window won't go up; I've tried all the usual suspects and...
  8. jma256

    Leak Detective (Cargo)

    sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words. I’ve chased down and repaired major leaks and these two water intrusions seem to be the ones escaping me. Window seal ones seems obvious (just curious how folks have fixed it. Any idea on what could be going on with the vent? Trim on the outside of this...
  9. P

    Switch Doctor Window and Lock Switches

    After years of issues with the electric windows, I ordered the switch doctor switches from Amazon. Definitely an improvement. Windows are running much faster (still not fast) and the door locks snap up and down. I also replaced the relays in the green box, since I was in the door. One thing...
  10. Goliath

    FJ55 Window channel replacements, any suggestions?

    Hello FJ55 owners, My old truck has had the rear door windows pinned closed for years now because the channels that the glass sits is has corroded away. I approached SOR to see if they could source some but they were not interested. Does anyone know of a reproduction available anywhere? I'd...
  11. O

    Window switch and motor help HJ61 front left window

    Hey, my window motor went out on the front left window and then my son somehow lost the switch. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? Landcruiser parts doesn’t have it for an 89 HJ61. Thanks in advance.
  12. O

    Window switch and motor help HJ61 front left window

    Hey, my window motor went out on the front left window and then my son somehow lost the switch. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? Landcruiser parts doesn’t have it for the HJ61. Thanks in advance.
  13. afnos

    Power window inop when hot

    My driver (right) side power window stops working when the ambient temperature is hot, which is often here in Vegas. I noticed a while back when the old battery voltage was low the window was intermittent. Now, when I use the window switch the voltage on the dash gauge drops while the switch...
  14. RTP

    Wanted 1976 passenger side hardtop window rubber seal

    Hello looking for a nice rubber seal. i have the glass but the rubber seal is not the greatest. I am sure other years will work, as long as they have the larger full window like the 1976
  15. Tufve

    HJ61 1988 factory window tint?

    Hey all! Anyone know the tint% and color of the factory window tint? HJ61 if that's a key to the answer.
  16. N

    Front passenger side window

    Hello all, I am desperately in need of a front passenger side window replacement for my 2005 landcruiser. My wife and I are traveling through Mexico at the moment.I have been looking for the past 24 hours with no luck! Please help! Thanks
  17. D

    Wanted Looking for window belt moulding clips

    Anybody have window belt moulding clips they want to sell me? I need them for a 1994 FZJ80. Toyota part # is 68211-60030. I’m located in Central California. Thanks.
  18. bryanl7

    Window and Door Lock Controls

    Hi, the drivers side window and door lock control will not lock the passengers side door and it will not roll down the right side back seat window down or up. The controls on those doors work just fine when I use them. It appears that the drivers side master control is the problem but not...
  19. aonis

    Wanted Left-Hand Window Channel for an FJ62

    Mine has rusted out in my rear passenger window on the left side and detached itself from the regulator. Was hoping someone just had one lying around.
  20. AirheadNut

    Sunroof, Windows and Locks Inop

    I have a 1990 HZJ81 with non-working sunroof and windows, and door locks that go crazy every once in a while. The sunroof is stuck open on the tilt position and it is getting wet inside, so any help would be appreciated! :) I’ve read a bunch of threads about this problem, and have checked all of...
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