1. K

    Over Voltage (16v) problem and the possible solution

    In case this helps anyone in the future. Before I purchased my 1 owner 2001 LX, the service records state they replaced the alternator with a Factory refurbished alternator about 20,000 miles ago. I don’t know what their problem was. As soon as I purchased my 2001 LX, I replaced that...
  2. SportsmanJake

    Alternator voltage boosting options for Tundra/Sequoia 4.7?

    Has anyone added a diode to the voltage sensing wire to boost the alternator's output to around 14.6? I cannot find any documentation on the web about this being done for either the 1st gen Tundra or Sequoia. Thanks for your time.
  3. Sam Haring

    80 series 3FE voltage and electronics issues

    I recently sold my fj60 and purchased a project 1991 fj80. It ran and drove but it had a hard time starting and its exhaust had a rich fuel mixture. It seemed like it had a hard time accelerating but I am unfamiliar with the 80. After its first 20 mile drive it wouldn't start again. I took a...
  4. jralph125

    Question about voltage

    Hey all, Had been having voltage issues for awhile now, battery wasn't charging, misfiring, plugs fowled etc etc. Anyway, I have replaced the alternator and voltage regulator (which I discovered melted down). Can anyone tell me what type of voltage numbers should I be seeing coming off of the...
  5. itbrokeagain

    Fusible links voltage values

    Does anyone know what these may be? I want to build a new harness with some maxi fuses for ease of repair
  6. D

    New 12v Headunit = two voltage reducers?

    A quickie question for the pros- installing a 12v headunit into my 24v system will require two voltage reducers-- one for full time power and one for ignition power, correct? While searching I also came across the mention that the head unit would not maintain its internal memory if using a...
  7. souzgs

    New OEM o2 sensors, still no voltage

    Hi, all: Long-time reader but have never really posted before. I have really appreciated the wealth of knowledge that everyone has here, and their willingness to share and help out. I have been waiting to post to introduce my rig but, honestly, there's nothing really extraordinary about my...
  8. rugerberetta

    voltage too high pegs my voltage meter at or near 60mph or 3000 rpms

    I have q 71 FJ40 with the F engine it does have a painless wiring harness and Dolphin gauges. I was on my why home from a trip out west from St louis after driving straight through from Brice Canyon NP I made it to KC during rush hour. It was getting light out so I turned off my headlights my...
  9. Dprio34

    Glow Plug Rail - Voltage = zero

    If anyone has any electrical experience on these old 2L-T wiring harnesses I would love to hear from them. I have swapped in a 2L-TII into an 1989 LJ70, and the harnesses and glow plug rails are a bit different. If anyone has any experience, with the 2L electrical system I would appreciate any...
  10. T

    PO141 and low sensor voltage

    I have been getting a PO141 on my 1996 Land Cruiser. It appears through my research that it points to the rear sensor, which as changed about 5 years ago. Just for kicks I hooked up my Icarsoft reader that I use for my Range Rover. This reader provides OBDII data streams. Interestingly the...
  11. Beej

    Low voltage disconnect for ALL loads

    Hey folks, I've seen threads for people using the blue sea m-lvd (low voltage disconnect) for accessory loads like fridges. Would this also work for all loads? I'd like something like this that would also work if I leave a dome light on or similar. Any ideas? This is what Google produced...
  12. tacoma2002

    3FE voltage issues

    I've tried searching but I cant nail down a definite answer to my problem. I'd like to get some opinions before I just start replacing parts... While driving at night my voltage will drop to a little over halfway (on voltmeter) then pick back up to the mark before the uppermost mark. This...
  13. TheForger

    Recent Electrical Gremlin Causes No Voltage Anywhere

    Long post I know but please bear with me here... Recent Issues: -- Put key in ignition, turn to acc. position and all the dash lights flicker for a second then completely go off. I look down at my voltmeter I installed above the seat heater switches and it is not even illuminated. -- Removed...
  14. montegofd3s

    Low Voltage Fight (searched to death)

    Hello Fellow Mudders! I will try to keep this short, but here are the basic problems that I am having.... -During Start up the volts are showing 13.4-13.1 -As soon as an load as put on the system it drops dramatically to 12.0-11.8 (may recover to 12.2 but only occasionally). This is can be...

    Ground Gremlins Growing

    So a few months ago my battery light came on. I whipped into a parts store and tossed a 100Amp alternator on it. 3 days later the light came back so I went to the parts store. They tested both the battery and alternator. Both checked out OK. Verified elsewhere. Getting steady 13.6-14...
  16. hamishpotter

    Voltage meter that fits stock switch plate / location?

    Hey All, I've done some digging and so far only found scan gages and other, non stock switch location fitting voltage meters. Does anyone make a voltage meter that fits into stock dash switch locations?
  17. L

    Need some help diagnosing poor city mileage

    So, this has been driving me crazy for some time now. (Don't mind the pun). I've spent days trying to get the bottom of it but I'm reaching the end of my knowledge about the specifics of the engine management system. The problem is I get regular highway mileage but terrible town mileage. I know...
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