1. SilverSixty

    Wanted 4th gen 4Runner Sport 4wd V6 CT

    Hello, I am in Ct and looking for a 4th generation 4runner with 4 wheel drive and V6 engine. I prefer the sport edition and have been looking for a 2005-2008 with lower miles aprox 100K. Willing to tavel or meet part way if you are far away . Let me know if you can help out ! Thanks!
  2. joekatana

    For Sale Oem upgraded brake calipers for your 40,55,60 and early 70 series

    Sold out at this moment I will update when I have some more available. Thanks Joe i noticed that with parting out all these HZJ7X models I am starting to accumulate a bunch of front brake calipers.These are the bigger calipers like the V6 4Runner and the 80 series use (80's use different bolt...
  3. ntsqd

    Sub-par Heater output; '88 V6 4runner

    With my '84 Xcab the heater could roast you out of the cab. The 4rnnr's heater is marginal, even for SoKA. Is it just that there's a lot more volume in the 4rnnr to heat, or is there something wrong? This truck does not have the rear heater.
  4. Hailey Walker

    For Sale Toyota Pickup V6 R150 Transmission

    Tupelo, MS and Laurel, MS area. I bought this transmission to swap my 89' Pickup automatic out with. Never got around to it and now the new owner wants to keep the automatic. I'm selling the transmission (with transfer case still attached), brand new clutch kit (Aisin), and brand new master and...
  5. pjt087

    Low speed knocking, worse with a full tank of gas

    I just bought a '95 4x4 pickup V6 edition, drove it down from Riverside, CA to San Diego no problem. The following days I experienced some pretty serious "chug" or knocking- especially in low gear. Have not been able to pass CA Smog- labelled as a "Gross Polluter". Replaced an after market cool...
  6. alabamatoy

    For Sale Toyota 5VZ exhaust crossover pipe

    This is a NEW unused, uninstalled Toyota factory part. Toyota P/N is 1710662020. It can be found online for about $205 plus shipping. This part was shipped to me and received slightly damaged - there is dent in the heat shield on the upper passenger side which will not affect operation or...
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