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  1. Seviant

    New To The Forum - J100 2004 LC 👉🏻Looking for guidance!👈🏻

    Hi guys, I just signed up. I have a 2004 Land Cruiser and have been looking around for proper recommendations on Tire Size, Wheel Size and Lift Kits. I use my truck for weekend use driving partly freeways and partly unpaved dirt roads. Any recommendations on: 1. Maximum Tire Size for Stock...
  2. Ironman 4x4 Lexus GX460 Overland Build ep. 02

    Ironman 4x4 Lexus GX460 Overland Build ep. 02

    The second episode of a 10 week series following our build journey. We discuss tire and wheel choice and the importance of good reliable tires suitable for this type of application. We also cover some great basic
  3. R

    Need advice on tires for FJ62

    Hello, I just put a 2.5 inch old man emu suspension on my fj62. I currently have 31 inch K02's but I was thinking about upgrading to the 33 inch KO2's. My concern is that I am going to be putting too much stress on my transmission with the larger tires and that the truck will be become a slug...
  4. P

    GX460 Tire Size and Suspension

    Apologies in advance if this question's been asked (or answered), I searched but could not find the answer on this forum. Also no FAQ here like on the GX470 forum. Anyway, I've been looking to get an 2008/2009 GX470 until several weeks ago when I test drove a 2010 GX460. Lots of nice...
  5. Noodleman

    Looking for that Perfect Tire

    Greetings cruiser aficionados, I sit before you a humble 200 cruiser owner with stock tires wrapped around stock 18" wheels. I'm looking for that perfect tire and think maybe someone here may have already found it! I don't get much snow here in North Carolina and I drive on paved highways /...
  6. Lenny33

    New to KZJ78 Prado

    I am purchasing a '93 KZJ78 Prado with a 3.0 K turbo diesel. My first question is whether I will be able to maintain highway speeds with this truck comfortably and whether this engine would pull 34" tires through the mountains of Colorado? Sorry for the newb questions - I can't wait to learn...
  7. Climblife

    Lifting a gx470

    Hi guys, I'm looking to build a lifted gx 470. I'd like to go as big as I can ( obviously ) both on the lift and the tires. Id also like to run at least a 9 inch wide wheel with minor tire poke. However, I will be daily driving this thing so the lift that I get needs to be able to take...
  8. M

    Tire size

    I recently got a '95 that came with theses 18 inch rims. I want to put on mud terrains and was wondering if anybody knows how big I can go before needing a lift kit? The ones on there now are 285 60 18...thanks in advance.
  9. S

    1978 BJ40 tire size

    Just bought one and is being delivered from Missoula, MT. Putting new BFG AT's on it. The 3 litre diesel runs great and has stock 4 speed manual. What size tire can the little diesel turn? Previous owner says 55-60mph tops with the stock tires that are on it. Vehicle is in great shape and...
  10. TeCKis300

    Tire Size vs. True Size

    There's been some side discussions on manufacturers size vs true tire size. Let's discuss this as it's been a point of confusion. A lot of people seem to be measuring their tires and complaining that they are coming up short, e.g. my 35" tires are only 33.5". Why is that? Are the...
  11. S

    tire size question BFG K/O2 for 100 series

    Discount tires has a presidents day sale with $100 off and a $60 rebate if using their charge card. I went by for an estimate and the sales guy said he would get 265/75R16 because they are much more readily available. Their price was $180 each. Works out to $853.40 before the $160 rebates) so...
  12. E

    GX470 Wheel/Tire/Lift Picture Combination Thread

    Another forum I am on has a thread like this and I found it extremely helpful in picking tires and lifts. For those who would like to contribute, post your combination of the tire size/brand/type including lift and any modification to fender, running boards, liners or bumpers. If you have...
  13. F

    Best tire size for FJ45?

    Any advice on tire size for a stock FJ45 with 15" wheels? Thanks!
  14. Hilndr1701

    32/10.5r15 on Stock 82 Truck?

    Hey all, I have been looking all over for any information on installing 32/10.5 r15 on my stock 82 pick-up. Will they fit without rubbing? I just bought the truck about a month ago and I'm currently running 31/10.5 r15s. I figure the same width would work but I'm not sure about the extra inch in...
  15. Markuson

    35's...and Mountain Biking

    Short Version: **What's the most simple route to non-rubbing 35's?** Rationale: So I've resisted the idea of 35's because it seemed to require a lot of fiddling. Always seemed unnecessary to me... Mountain Biking Connection... ...As an avid mountain biker with both 27" and 29" wheels over...
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