timing cover

  1. mtweller

    2F / 3FE Timing Cover gasket

    Longshot: Anybody have a 2F timing cover gasket laying around? I ordered one Monday but it won't be here for the weekend and was hoping to finish off a project. Would need to be triangle area. :beer: Ramon
  2. Jason Reed

    1966 FJ40 Timing Cover Bolts w/ "Rubber Sealing Washers"

    I posted this in my 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) build also, but thought I'd start a new thread separatly. So @Rock40 and I need some tech assistance here on a sealing washer question. #92 on SOR diagram (below) is a lower bolt on the timing cover area that goes directly into...
  3. Spike Strip

    Wanted  Late 2F (85-87) Timing cover and backing plate, thrust plate

    Searching for a good condition Timing gear cover and backing plate and oil squirt-er from a late 2F years 85-87 out of a FJ60. Also need thrust plate and bolts, and possibly more if you're parting one ... Anyone parting out a late 2F ? Thanks. :)
  4. FJ60BigLou

    Timing Cover REAL TIME PIX

    Ive removed all the bolts from timing cover (85 60 w/2f). I have disconnected oil cooler hose brackets. Last I whacked the tc a few times with rubber mallet. Tc won't budge. Don't want to damage cover or score surfaces. What am I doing wrong? Any advice appreciated!Timing cover 1 by FJ60BigLou...
  5. 73FJ40

    Homemade Timing Gear Oil Nozzle?

    Pulled my F engine to replace gaskets and seals (I figured they were original from Jan '73). Imagine my surprise when I found one of the larger diameter timing cover bolts was mongrel (not std Toyota with indented head and captured washer) and one of the small bolts spinning but not...
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