1. Christian

    Weird OEM subwoofer?

    Hi all! I think I have looked in all the existing subwoofer posts. But I have not found one like mine, it’s a Pioneer? My car is a 2006 HDJ100 euro spec. The subwoofer looks a lot like yours, but it’s ported and a Pioneer unit? I’m looking at upgrading the speaker, so any info on this would be...
  2. culandcray

    2004 Land Cruiser 100 with factory nav and JBL, subwoofer replacement

    After lots of researching on here and FB, etc., here are some things I found out when replacing my factory subwoofer on my 04 LC with nav and JBL set up. -The factory sub is dual voice coil at 4 ohms each. -The factory sub enclosure has a sticker that says ‘7.4 ohm’. I was able to get the...
  3. Mojavecruiser

    FJ80 blown subwoofer converted to storage compartment

    Like most 80 owners I’m at the point I can’t take the blown speakers anymore and read the threads here on recommendations as to which speakers to replace (super helpful). Seems like there isn’t any easy ways to replace the subwoofer or the need given quality speakers today - depending of course...
  4. N

    LX450 Sub/CD Removal, Center Console Storage Solution

    Hey all, Most of us around here agree that the center console in the LX450 is less than optimal (to put it nicely). This is due in part to the large, mediocre sub-woofer and the CD changer that dwell beneath it. Once installing an aftermarket stereo the disc changer becomes obsolete...
  5. K

    LandCruiser 2000 to 2002 Stereo Install Guide

    I purchased some stuff from Crutchfield today. They didn't have an install guide for a 2001 LX but, they did have an install guide for a LandCruiser 2000 to 2002 without Navigation. I am posting it if it helps anyone in the future.
  6. Gnarwgn

    Another Subwoofer Question Sorry (but not sorry)

    So - I've invested more time than I'd like to admit trying to answer this on my own. And many of you out there have some pretty respectable setups, I tip my hat. I also recognize that there are a boatload of strings hitting on the subject of subwoofer replacement and related upgrades. My...
  7. Subwoofer (aka the 9th speaker)

    Subwoofer (aka the 9th speaker)

    located in 3rd row passenger side'll see the speaker grill
  8. L

    Lx450 console subwoofer

    Hey, guys, I am new to this forum and had a question about my Lx450 I purchased recently. The previous owner installed some Infinity aftermarket speakers in the doors but it appears that the subwoofer is now no longer functioning. If anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it let me...
  9. Das Shtig

    Wanted  LX470 Subwoofer ML

    Anyone have a reasonably priced working subwoofer to fit my 2001 LX470 with Mark Levinson sound?
  10. Yellow Jacket

    SOLD  LX450 subwoofer (PA)

    Worked fine but moving to a Landcruiser center console so I don’t need it. $20 plus shipping.
  11. B

    My Solution to the Subwoofer Problem - Chapter 2

    So originally I thought I had found an improved setup for the subs by replacing them with Kicker 4” 2ohm 2 ways by removing the tweeter bridge and using the full range as the sub. See below if you want the original post My Solution to the Subwoofer Problem The problem is that after only a few...
  12. K

    Aftermarket subwoofer in LX470 ML Audio - Volume control

    The subwoofer in my 2003 LX470 with mark levinson audio needed to be replaced, so i just put an aftermarket 12" Alpine in a separate enclosure(EDIT: With a seperate amplifier in the back) and dissconected the blown one in the side panel. I was able to get everything set up and works well, but i...
  13. B

    My Solution to the Subwoofer Problem

    After reading a lot on the forum about the bass (or lack thereof) and the difficulty finding speakers I decided to take a stab at it and do an experiment. I decided instead of using it as a sub I would convert it to a mid-bass unit and add an additional sub for the lower frequency stuff. It...
  14. Dwight S

    Subwoofer enclosure fitment question

    I have a 1998 with the two 4” woofer enclosure. I am looking to see if the later model enclosure with the single 6.5” woofer will fit in my truck? I know the sound isn’t ideal with these type subs, but I really don’t want a large sub box sitting back there, at least not right now. I will...
  15. 68W65D

    Is there any danger in just disconnecting the blown subwoofer on my LX470?

    Newb question that I couldn't find an answer to. I have a 2004 LX470 with the Mark Levinson system. The subwoofer sounds awful. Like it is rattling around and farting. If I remove it and tape off the connectors, is there any danger to the amp or system? I fully intend to repair the speaker...
  16. T

    Wanted  LX470 Mark Levinson Subwoofer

    Fixing a new to me 2001 LX470. My subwoofer has a bad voice coil so i'm looking for a working replacement. The part number on the back of my dead subwoofer is 86150-0W010. I don't mind a working subwoofer that needs to be refoamed, thanks!
  17. A

    LX450 only subwoofer after new door speaker install

    1997 LX450 all working well installed front door speakers disconnected dash speakers tested new setup, worked fine, sounded good. didn't drive for 2 weeks drove truck, only subwoover makes sound checked fuses, all good (17, 21 from owners manual) pulled amp from dash, wiggled wires, unplugged...
  18. Shawn Wilkins

    Subwoofer question

    I have already replaced all of my speakers and subwoofer with suggestions from the forum and they work great. However, the sub being the size of a biscuit leaves it a little lacking to say the least. I found an old sub box with 2 10 inch subs that I had sitting around and I just had them...
  19. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale  Factory rear Subwoofer '99 LC

    I pulled out the factory speaker box and sub from my '99 to make room for circuit blocks, etc... Not really sure what a fair price would be but lets just start at $100 and see where that goes $100
  20. burritocruiser

    Subwoofer Options...

    I'm looking to upgrade the sound system in my Cruiser (92 FJ80) and I need to figure out my options for a subwoofer. I really don't know much about subwoofers and how they work or how much room they need, etc. to sound real good, but so far, I've figured out a few options. Put 2 8" shallow...
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