1. mrjordann

    1F/2F Valve Cover Studs - Part Number ??

    Hey all, I'm looking for those studs that thread into the head, and hold the valve supports and valve cover on. I found one on ebay but I was wondering if anyone knew the part number (or a vendor who ships quicker)? Can't find much info. This is what I'm referring to: EBAY LINK
  2. JunkCrzr89

    For Sale (CO) 24 new M12 x 1.50 wheel studs

    I have 24 brand new M12 x 1.50 wheel studs that are 1.45" (37mm) long and class 10.9. I bought these to replace all of the studs on FJ40 but should have measured first because I need longer studs after installing disc brake conversion… $25 shipped from CO, or best offer.
  3. sunrk

    Torque for new manifold studs? Sealant or not on gaskets?

    Took my 1hz's old Genie headers off yesterday - they have a fair number of weld cracks and pinholes due to rust/age/vibration/etc. all of which couldn't be seen without removing them. To be honest, they are pretty ugly and one of the weld cracks was 1/2 way around at a join where three cylinder...
  4. Kamran Khan

    LX450 front axle hub stud with cross threaded nut.

    Hello every one! Few months ago I replaced the bearings on front axle hub, recently it started making kind of humming noise. So I decided to check the grease in the bearings and also tighten up the hub adjusting nut. But two of the studs that hold the flange has cross threaded nuts and it's...
  5. richardmvaldez

    need longer wheel studs

    i have a 76 fj40 and I have done a rear disk brake conversion. I need longer wheel studs looking for a part number. thanks in advance.
  6. C

    Knuckle threads stripped please help

    I have a couple of stripped holes on my right knuckle. I was going to bump the stud up a size, but the more I think about, I'd rather find another knuckle. Anyone know where I can source a used one?? Thx in advance.
  7. mojoloco

    Bj74 head studs

    Hi everyone Anybody out there make a head stud kit for the 13bt Can't find anything online Thanks
  8. -uhuru-

    Longer studs for wheel spacers

    I am looking for longer studs so that I can tighten a 1.25" thick wheel spacer correctly. The factory studs are not long enough for the spacer threads to tighten properly. Can't find them through Dorman or other manufacturers. I need a 52mm length stud...
  9. rc51kid

    Studs for rear shock mounts?

    From what i am reading shocks such as Fox, Icon, kiing and the others should be serviced every 40-60,000 miles or so. With the amount of miles i put on my truck i will be removing my shocks every two years or so. Last time i had my rear shocks out i remember one of the bolts for the mounting...
  10. ewillis

    Water Pump Stud Double Nut Method...What Went Wrong?

    So...finishing up the water pump and have these studs to the clutch that came uninstalled. Common Toyota pump with the logo dremeled off and the Aisin sticker applied that's going around. results suggested double nutting the studs to get them on snug. I used the method, but the...
  11. MisipLC

    Replacing Rear Hub Studs

    While getting finishing up on engine installation, decided to address broken stud on right rear hub. I've had the replacement stud for 5 years. While removing the tire, a second stud twisted off. Glad I purchase 2 - 5 years ago. Yes, you can remove them without taking the hub off the...
  12. ontopofm

    Emergency - Stranded: need 3 drive flange studs

    Hey guys, I have 3 broken drive flange studs in Santa Ana, anyone have spares? please call or text me at 559-423-0710 I need to get back to Fresno by tonight. thanks.
  13. ontopofm

    Emergency stranded: Need 3 flange studs in Santa Ana, SoCal

    My drive flange studs are broken. Anyone in SoCal Santa Ana area have spares? Please call or text me at 559-423-0710, need to drive home to Fresno tonight. Thanks in advance.
  14. cppilot

    Wanted Early F intake to carb studs

    looking for three or four original early F engine intake studs with nuts for securing the single barrel carburetor. Like this. Shoot me a pm if you have any your willing to part with. Thanks Mark
  15. bryanb

    Broken Knuckle studs with >35s & How to prevent it

    On the way back from Coyote Lake last weekend, I broke the passenger knuckle studs, forcing the knuckle and wheel off the truck (destroying the knuckle bearings (SPC 3 degree bearings) and leaving me stranded. I ended up being able to load the truck onto a trailer and get it home. Now I am...
  16. bryanb

    1FZ-FE Rebuild - Restoring my FZJ80 from an early demise

    I began detailing the rebuild of the 1FZ-FE in my truck build thread (listed in my signature), but it soon began to dominate the thread, so I decided to create a dedicated thread. My '97 Landcruiser died early and suddenly, with only 175k on the clock, when a misplaced bolt got into the timing...
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