steering pump

  1. wunu

    CityRacer Power Steering Pump - Anyone installed this? Hi All, I have a 1984 FJ60 and I've been looking at Valley Hybrids kit for steering pump conversion and also this one from City Racer. My pump is...
  2. mocha0923

    1HDT and Steering System Issue

    I would like to get opinion from fellow members who may have experience similar problem as I have now. I have an HDJ81 1994 model original RHD. I replaced steering arm & steering box with OEM LHD components. I converted to LHD steering system. However, the steering effort were so hard that you...
  3. llunchboxx

    Power Steering Pump Help

    Hey All, Alright, bear with me as I'm sure there have been some newbie mistakes I need calling out on. I noticed the stock PS Pump on my 60 had sprung a leak at the shaft and was slowly spraying ATF all over the engine bay and ordered a reman replacement from Rock Auto. Finally got the "new"...
  4. RFB


    Ok so I literally just got my FSM today and I discovered the 10 a pint "japanese" PS fluid I used is wrong, so I can never bleed it. My question is whats the best method to totally drain the wrong fluid and fill it with dexron 2 or 3 like I was supposed to use intially.
  5. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale  2F Saginaw power steering pump mount

    Did not end up needing in my build. $50 shipped CONUS
  6. fooldall1

    Replacing Power Steering Pump This Weekend

    Hey All: I plan on replacing the PS pump this weekend and looking for some experience advice. With the pump, should I also replace the Air Control Valve (just in case), and do you all recommend replacing the pump intake hose with the OEM or just using bulk PS hose?
  7. jvincig01

    For Sale  Power Steering Pump and Bracket - Calif.

    I literally know nothing about power steering pumps so please dont roast me on the price. It's literally a WAG. When I bought my F engine a few years back, the PO gave me a box of parts. He had this power steering pump mounted to his '69 F engine. I took it off the engine as my rig is mostly...
  8. Shark56

    Power steering pump

    I thought I remembered seeing someone on here that ran a FJ60 pump with a Saginaw gear. Can't find the thread. Would a FJ60 be enough? Would it be better to just use a GM pump? It will be going on a 79 block that has the mounting holes for a stock pump. A 60 pump would bolt up with the...
  9. S

    1HZ power steering pump from ebay

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone has had any experience or know of anyone who has purchased/installed a power steering pump off of eBay? you can buy a brand new one for around the $180 mark, considering an over-hall kit with new shaft is around $120 i figure why not spend the extra $50 or so...
  10. dfrfsucks

    catastrophic power steering pump failure

    Has anyone ever had a pump snap in two peaces under normal driving this was a week old remaned pump
  11. Astralcat

    Oil and Power steering Pump O-rings/Leaks.

    Hi Guys, 97' LX-450 125K. Small leaks from power steering pump and Oil leak under Engine. Very minor fluid loss. Shop, That is familiar with FJ80 says is O-Rings. Main on PS Pump, not Pump failure and Oil pump in engine leaks after time and pulley comes off, Repair is $450.00 or so. Should I...
  12. Octave Zangs

    FJ62 Steering wheel bouncing

    Does anyone knows what could cause my steering wheel to bounce when I'm going far left or right? Here is a video showing the issue: On the video I'm far right. It's a 1989 FJ62.
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