1. blahblahblah

    For Sale  CA BayArea - Ironman4x4 6" coil springs - front and rear

    Set of 4 Ironman4x4 6" 80 series coils. They were on my truck for about 1.5 years before I decided to drop to a 4" spring. They are in good shape and ride well. $300 for all 4. Located in Danville, CA. Local pickup only. Not interested in shipping at this time. TOYO60B TOYO61B
  2. Baja73

    Wanted  FL. U bolt spring plate

    I need a 1973 fj40 u bolt spring plate. One of mine is bent. It could probably be heated and straightened. I would like to see if I can find one reasonably priced. Thanks.
  3. offroadvegan

    Small issue but HUGE favor

    After my rebuild, the only problem I have is the return spring for the hood latch somehow got lost. Now I need to depress the cable with a flat head screwdriver or else the hood will not latch. The handle in the cabin does not return. I am afraid over time that cable will break. Does...
  4. V

    Wanted  861/862 coil springs

    Looking for used pairs of 861 and 862 coil springs. Pls. PM me for price. Thank you.

    Wanted  FJ60 Old Man Emu Suspension kit

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a old man emu suspension. I am locate it in Miami but I will drive or use Fastenal or UPS if need it. Thanks
  6. dylanray

    Front spring offset/toe out.

    This is something that has been bothering me since I bought the truck and now that its down to the frame in preparation for an SOA setup I gotta ask a few questions. And yes I have probably spent over 30 hours in the last 4 weeks reading through post here on mud. The PO did a shackle reversal...
  7. S

    Which OME Spring to use!

    Good Afternoon Group, Working with a forum member on a build, but wanted to get some opinions, comments and advice on this. With the new 2017 LC200: I am going to install the Icon Coilover Stage 3 or 5, not sure yet, but regardless looking to lift the vehicle give it a more aggressive yet...
  8. gator25

    Spring Eye Bushings

    I had been trying to find spring eye bushings for our 40, they measured 1 3/8". When ever I talked to venders trying to find these they would say we don't have them, I was in the process of trying to find a 1 3/8 bushing with a 15mm pin hole. Then decided to convert 1 3/8" just to see how close...
  9. W

    new source for stock rear 80 springs

    Hello everyone, I'm an oddball. I want STOCK replacement springs for my bone stock 80, and here's the impossible: ones that haven't been squashed under a heavy 80 for 20 years. Mine are currently about 1/2" from the bump stops when I take everything out, even the 3rd row seats. While most used...
  10. Skniper

    OME spring hanger pin torque?

    Yes I searched, aarrggh....maybe I skimmed right past the info. Need the OME torque spec for their greasable spring hanger pin....the fixed end pin. Toyota FSM spec is something like 95 ft/lb, I don't remember the fixed pin nut on the Emu's being anywhere near that high. I took it to 60 ft/lb...
  11. Crab Sack

    Whiteline 30mm Front Spring Spacers, Anyone Using Them?

    I just found and ordered a set of 30mm set of front spring spacers to get rid of my stink bug. Found them on Summit Racing's website for about $55 shipped. WHITELINE W73404 Has anyone used these or their control arm bushings? I would like to hear some reviews. Thank you,
  12. F

    Need help ASAP / Thin Spring behind balancer

    Doing my seal behind the harmonic balancer today as well as the pile pump cover seal. Took off harmonic balancer and had a small pic in behind the seal pulling it out. Well....it also caught a very thin spring and pulled it out as well. Have no clue what this thing is, where it goes, etc. Want...
  13. cwags12

    Wanted  Right Rear Shackle Spring Perch Bracket

    I need one for a frame for an '80 year. Does anyone have one that's in ok shape ? 48414-60020 or Toyota Spring Hanger and Perch
  14. co4wheel

    Metal tech LT spring trade. HD for your Mediums

    Anyone want to trade a pair of Metal Tech HD LT rear springs for the Medium Duty you already have?
  15. FxFormat

    Wanted  100 Series 30mm rear coil spring spacers

    If you have a set that you are getting rid of because you're doing a real lift kit, lmk. Thank you i'm located in northern VA
  16. Greasyfingers

    Spring problems

    I purchased a 1980 fj 40 from a dealer and didn't think I was buying a bunch of crap put together from several different years until getting into it. The newest project, or should I call it the newest problem, is the springs. I orderd replacement springs from skyjacker. When They arrived...
  17. tgell001

    Rear spring solution

    So the first outing went well in my new to me 86 SAS. I conquered a lot of Cove Campground at Ice Breakers this weekend. Small issue popped up. I spent too much time redoing my front suspension and my rear was an utter failure. Nothing sidelined me but my shocks were pretty much done and I...
  18. T

    Wanted  80/100 Series 30mm Rear Spring Spacers

    NO LONGER LOOKING, thanks! Looking for a pair of rear spring spacers. Don't mind if they are used if they are still in good shape. Let me know! Thanks! Looking for the Slee or Ironman spacers or the likes. Not interested in the cheaper Mr. Gasket rubber spacers.

    Coil spring spacers

    Polyurethane coil spring spacers. 30mm front and rears for 80, 100, 200 J Tough Dog Coil Spring Spacers
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