speaker replacement

  1. imtx985

    FJ62 Speaker Replacement

    I finally decided that it was time to replace the factory speakers in my 1990 all original FJ62. I spent a couple of weeks throwing around different ideas, but in the end I wanted to maintain the factory look, but with modern speakers. Here is a step by step post on the route I went: Speaker...
  2. K

    LandCruiser 2000 to 2002 Stereo Install Guide

    I purchased some stuff from Crutchfield today. They didn't have an install guide for a 2001 LX but, they did have an install guide for a LandCruiser 2000 to 2002 without Navigation. I am posting it if it helps anyone in the future.
  3. S

    Newly acquired LX470 - front door speakers don't work at all

    I have ML audio. I've seen threads where the whole left/whole right has gone out indicating amp problems. I haven't seen anything where only the front 2 door speakers give out. Has anyone else has the issue of both front door speakers not making any noise? Trying to get a feel for it before I...
  4. bamachem

    2008 200 Series LC Speaker Replacement

    I checked the FAQ section and tried to search, but did not come up with anything so far on 200 series speaker replacements. My 2008 Land Cruiser has a blown speaker in the front passenger door. Basically the foam surround has disintegrated over the years. Since I was going to replace the...
  5. DirtScaresMe

    rear (third row) speakers - any better way than this?

    So I popped the panel off my 1994 FZJ-80's rear (third row) speakers and it looked like this: I bought a set of Pioneer TS-T110 speakers. Tiny little guys but too big to fit the grill's circle thing. I couldn't get my new speakers to sit flush and get the grills back on. So I bought some...
  6. abuck99

    Front Speaker Replacement Question- RTH

    Bought a set of JBL GT608C 2ohm mid-woofer & tweeter combo; comes with component cross over. How much is speaker performance hindered if I don"t utilize the included cross over? Goal was to keep it quick & simple to just replace the blown woofer, use existing wiring, factory tweeter etc..
  7. american outlaw

    Fj80 sound system replacement recomendations

    Plain and simple post, I have no speakers in my 1996 fj80 (siblings blew them all). The head unit is still working just fine. What replacement speakers would you guys recommend? I am a stickler for sound quality so I think i will replace the sub, and probably add an amplifier. Is the stock head...
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