1. Hiace4wd

    Half a year overland trip with ONE battery for starting & aux

    So, as a signal of how you can solve things differently I create this thread. I see everybody keep adding batteries to there rigs. 2 batteries for starting (even if you have only 12v) and then two extra batteries for the equipment (fridge and stuff). But then, yes, the batteries need to be...
  2. RFB

    Installing Solar panel to RTT

    Im going with this set up on top of the maggiolina and Its width will end up over top of the ridges autohome decided to put on top of the shell, So I want to secure it but dont really want to perforate the shell. so is there an adhesive anyones had success with? I dont want this very light...
  3. RFB

    24 volt solar panels MADE IN USA

    Ok I found a couple companies that make solar panels flexible and all ranges of wattage. The only problem is they all claim a 24volt output. Can this be used on a 12 volt system? Ive never used these before and a peelable self adhesive 100 watt on top of the RTT would be perfect.
  4. RFB

    stick on solar for RVs

    Whats the best output/build quality solar any of you fellas have seen or used? I wat to lay out a 120watts on top of the maggiolina and then will install a coil fridge run from witsend to allow for the rise and fall of the camp shell. Dont want to use a hard panels for noise, breakage etc...
  5. Nathan King

    Trade Flexible 120 Watt Solar Panel and 10 amp Charge Controller Florida / USA

    My wife got this solar panel for me but I don’t really need it. So she gave me permission to sell or trade it for something I do need. Look it up on Amazon. It’s worth almost $700. I’m asking $500 or trade me for something that I need. I am open to negotiation. Look at my list of needed items...
  6. Nathan King

    Trade Flexible Solar Panel Florida / USA

    My wife got me this solar panel but I don’t really need it. So she gave me permission to sell or trade it for something I do need. Look it up on Amazon. It’s worth almost $700. I’m asking $500 or trade me for something that I need. Look at my list of needed items below Specs: Xera Solar...
  7. rainbow94

    For Sale GoalZero Portable Power Kit

    I am selling my complete GoalZero portable solar power setup. I purchased these items just over a year ago to power my ARB fridge, camera equipment and sometimes laptop while on the road for extended periods of time. It has proved very useful but my needs have changed and I no longer have use...
  8. iptman

    Costco 100w panel and controller?

    Hi everyone, I just got the Costco magazine and they're offering a 100w panel and 8.5a controller for $120. Knowing how Costco warrants their products I was thinking of taking a flier on them, maybe pick up 2 kits for that price. Has anyone given these a shot? Costco Wholesale Sales starts...
  9. Corey

    Lets See Your Solar Setups For Camping

    I have gone with a few 100 watt solar panels, and I just upgraded yesterday. I have upgraded again, I took possession of the Overland Solar 120 watt folding one yesterday. Owner Brian drove to my home and hand delivered it too, as he was on this side of the mountains, very cool. He dropped by...
  10. RFB

    For Sale Ive got an entire solar setup

    SOLDa new in box renogy 100 watt rigid panel, a renogy 40amp MPPT and a new in box optima yellowtop group 34 you supply the rig i got the rest SOLD pick up or you pay shipping.
  11. RFB

    For Sale new 100 watt renergy w/mppt 40amp

    I have a renergy rigid solar panel kitnew in box with 40amp mppt(rover) all cables manual etc 300 you pay shipping. text me 508-718-8253
  12. Dissent

    Solar Controller for 2 Isolated Battery Banks

    I'm running a Morningstar ProStar PS-30M solar charge controller with a Renogy 100w panel and am very happy with it. I only have one battery in the truck. I'm considering adding a 2nd battery in the rear of the truck for accessories only (full size deep cycle or motorcycle AGM). I CAN wire up...
  13. 1973Guppie

    Roof Rack Solar Shower

    Hi All, I have been looking for a way to store water on my roof rack for a quick solar shower. Most of the time here in CA we are camping in decent weather so I don't feel I need hot water per say. I wanted something simple, quick and cheap and be able to be pressurized with my OBA system. I...
  14. RFB


    Let me ask a sealed optima is ok to install in rear of truck correct? Im going to put a battery in the rear so the solar can run straight to it and keep all the wiring short st8 to the battery and invertor. am I on it here??
  15. RFB

    renergy 100 watt panel rover 40 mppt

    Ok my plan is to install my new 100 watt rigid panel on the rack Im building now I have the 40Amp rover MPPT That I would like to tie into my magnum 1000 watt invertor and thru one of my batteries, any idea the best way to bring wiring into vehicle, and is there a thread that shows what Im about...
  16. JCruse

    Found a 5" crack on underside of solar panel... Problem?

    I can just barely catch a fingernail on it and it doesn't appear to cut through any of the black "traces" - it runs mostly between two cells - but it's so hard to tell. I'm wondering what those more learned than I think I should do about this. I don't know how long it's been there and I...
  17. mdsims

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse, anyone going?!?

    Hey, I'm sure a few fellow MUDDERS are planning a viewing of the upcomming total solar eclipse this August. With it covering such a wide portion of North America, everyone will be getting a good show (at least 70% totality for anyone in the US) and just about anyone could make it to a full...
  18. Dissent

    Solar Panel and Hail?

    Just curious if anyone has experience with hail and their solar panel? how durable arw these things? I have a 100w Renogy panel.
  19. Irish Reiver

    Solar Panel that fits between Roof Ribs

    Does anyone know of a solar panel that will fit between the roof ribs. The ribs have a 24 cm space between them. Basically I am looking for a panel that is less than 24 cm wide and maybe 50 or 75 long. Everything I find on the internet is square and a 24 cm square panel is of little point.
  20. Semi Hex

    Renogy Group Buy

    Link here on Tacoma World. Renogy Solar Group Buy- SIGN UP ENDS 05/15/2016 He has several of the most popular suitcase and other panels for a nice discount. I can help answer any questions if needed or if you are a member of either TW, T4R or Expo you could contact him (User Name .45 JHP or...
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