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  1. mrjordann

    Anyone seen a Full-covering FJ40 Bikini Top??

    Hi, found this pic of a Jeep with a soft top which covers the whole vehicle, but not the sides. Here's a pic Anyone seen this for FJ40? I have a bikini top from bestop, but it makes the back seats basically useless. Thanks!
  2. F

    For Sale  North Carolina: FJ40 Soft Top

    For Sale: Soft Top for FJ40 $1000. I purchased this FJ40 Soft Top a few years ago when I was building my FJ40, but never ended up using it or driving with it on the vehicle. It still has the protective covering on the windows even. The top is made from Black PVC so it won't shrink over time and...
  3. HJ47

    For Sale  MN - FJ43 OEM Soft Top Bow Set

    FJ43 OEM Soft Top Bow Set The set comes with everything as pictured. Please review the 20+ detailed photos to review the actual condition. $800 plus shipping $950 plus shipping (or local pickup) Link to additional photos:
  4. Dougiemo

    Does a Snorkel Drop the Resale Value of an FJ?

    Hi All, I am new to the Land Cruiser world as I recently purchased a 1982 FJ40. It is in good shape and looks pretty classic. I am considering getting a snorkel for the benefit of getting the clean air rammed into the engine, and I like the looks of a snorkel. I am not sure if I will ever be...
  5. Dougiemo

    Original FJ40 soft top

    Hi all. I just joined and this is my first post. I have a factory original Toyota soft top on my FJ40 that is in excellent condition. It is too much of a pain to swap tops so I am considering getting rid of the soft top. As these are rare, would it be worth much? Trying to decide if I...
  6. Mike Plante

    For Sale  1963 FJ40 originally a soft top, located in Colorado $4500 OBO

    It is titled as a 63 but the VIN indicates it was built in 62. 94360 on the odometer. The engine is in great shape, starts easily. Carb was rebuilt. The transmission is a 3 on a tree. Clutch is good. Clutch master cylinder has been replaced. The transfer case needs to be replaced, there is...
  7. MexicanNewby

    FJ25 Soft Top frame and canvas

    So I met another Cruiserhead down here in Mexico, not many of us... He's elder and not tech savvy so posting here for him. He's almost finished with his 1960 25 build, impeccable I may add, and he's looking for the following parts: - OEM Starter - OEM or replica soft top frame (bows) and canvas...
  8. sigorama

    For Sale  Best Top Soft Top, FJ40

    SOLD! I have a best top soft top for a Toyota LandCruiser FJ-40 with the full soft doors. It would be for an early FJ 40 with the barn doors on back. In good condition less one small tear on the top by one of the windows, which could easily be stitched up. See pics here: Best Top Soft Top -...
  9. ericstreich

    Wanted  FJ40 Soft Top

    I'm looking for either a lightly used or new soft top for my 74 FJ40. Looking for a complete top including frame. If I need to purchase new suggestions are welcome as there are several options in the market. Thanks for your help! Eric
  10. Krondor

    Soft top bows

    Hey guys, Just wanted to check locally first if y'all know any one who has a soft top frame and bows to sell. I was planning on putting a hard top on my '65 FJ40 but the vin number said it was a soft top and I would rather stay true to its nature. I am planning on getting the soft top through...
  11. D

    HZJ71 Soft top vs. HZJ 73 FRP

    Hi all, I am up in Canada and have finally saved enough to buy a used RHD cruiser from Japan. I used to have an FRP 4runner when I was younger and really enjoyed the removable top, that is what originally got me interested in the HZJ 73 frp. A tough, heavy duty, reliable, diesel Toyota with...
  12. LZFJ40

    Intro to my LJ70, plus progress & upgrades

    I've been a member of this site since 2010 but never introduced myself. I've owned a couple of FJ40's since 1988, a 1980 and a 1970. Today I only have the ’70 left but I enjoyed them both. The LJ70 is a different animal however. Unlike the FJ40, there were a lot of unknowns with the LJ70 model...
  13. pete1rayce

    Wanted  Bestop Soft Top bows, hardware & Frame

    I am looking for hardware to mount a bestop denim top on a standard 40 tub. Bows , winshield mount & mounts for the top of the tub ( basically a complete hardware kit if possible ) Thanks, Mike
  14. mrjordann

    FJ40 owners- do you have a bikini top?

    Hello! I am looking for a soft top for my 73 fj40. I have been considering the Bestop bikini top. If you have the Bestop brand, I have a question. Do I need to screw anything into my windshield frame? Or can I use the pre-existing holes from the hardtop? And if you don't have Bestop brand, what...
  15. RocketCityCrzrs

    Wanted  74 fj40 soft top and bows

    Looking for bows and yh3 soft top for a 74 fj40. Mine has hard top and hard doors now. Would love a set of soft doors too if anyone has some. I have looked at the besttop option but that looks to much like a wrangler and not an LC.
  16. Taylor Weber

    Wanted  Soft Top for 74 FJ40

    Looking for a soft top in decent shape for my 1974 FJ40. Don't mind paying for shipping. Send me some pictures and name your price. I also have a hard top to trade if interested or many other parts.
  17. Taylor Weber

    For Sale  Hard Tops for Sale (pics to come this weekend)

    Looking to get rid of a few hard tops I have acquired after purchasing my 1974 FJ40. They are both from a 1974. One is in good shape, the other had some fiberglass work done from a PO both with little rust. Pictures to come this weekend, just seeing who's interested. Located in IA 52003. Text...
  18. stock

    OME Soft top maker. Anyone know him?

    This is a good price. Look at this on eBay FJ40 Soft Top | eBay Anyone familiar with him? How are the tops?
  19. David70FJ40

    For Sale  Bestop Soft Top for FJ40

    Now that I have a hard top in the repair line, the soft top I have will no longer be needed. It is a Bestop Super top. (I know, looks like a Jeep top. It was what I could afford at the time.) Black with no tears, rips or damaged places. I have used it for two winters and it is tight and...
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