1. Chefajc3

    Fj60 drivers side snorkel

    FYI ... watched a video on you tube while back about driver side snorkel for fj60... typically you would have to put on passenger side because that’s all they make for the fj60 but you would have to modify or get a different air intake set up for it to work ... $120 shipped from amazon for a...
  2. BiffS

    For Sale Prado, LJ 78, 76 series, 79 series Toyota OEM snorkel kits

    Complete, new Toyota OEM snorkel kits for sale, have several left. comes with airbox adapter and filter cap. OEM part # 53299-60190, 53285-60090, fits: 78 series, 76 series 79 series and I've heard some 80 and 60 applications possible with modifications. FOB Burnaby, BC, Canada $400 CAD/...
  3. Nathan King

    80 Series Build --- Mods I have made

    This has been a labor of love and it continues to be. Thanks to everyone on ih8mud who posts their builds and are willing to take the time to answer questions from people like me. My 1996 Land Cruiser currently has 389,000 miles with the original engine and transmission. Upgrades done so far...
  4. NMC_EXP

    Snorkel Pre-cleaners Work

    The FJ60 has an ARB snorkel. Rather than an air scoop it's fitted with a Donaldson cyclonic pre-cleaner. When RPMs and intake air velocity are high enough to spin the incoming air and dirt like a centrifuge and the dirt is slung to the outside of the double walled bowl. When RPMs drop most of...
  5. haas

    For Sale 1996 LX450. 3rd owner. Clean in CO.

    SOLD. 1996 LX450 for sale. 263,107 miles. 3rd owner. Was a CA truck, 100% dealer maintained until 2008 when 2nd owner brought it out to CO. I purchased the vehicle in 2011 bone stock @ 164,000 miles. I thought this would be a life long purchase for me, but the addition of 4 kids is forcing my...
  6. pmccraney

    For Sale Snorkel - 100 Series {Jackson, MS, USA}

    This snorkel came with a 100 series I just acquired. I doubt I will ever install it, and really just want it out of my garage. I do not know anything about it, other than it appears to be an off brand. Looking at the parts and method of assembly (rivets to A pillar), it appears to be one of...
  7. bpeeps00

    Wanted Fj40 snorkel template

    Anyone have one they could email me? Thanks
  8. sunrk

    Rivnuts for mounting custom stainless snorkel to a-pillar

    What are the right sort of rivnuts to use in the a-pillar to fix a custom stainless snorkel to the body with? There isn't really any way to easily create a 'nutplate' to fit inside the complex curved a-pillar, and last time I checked I figured it would be difficult to use regular nut and bolt...
  9. 2

    Snorkel cracked around radio antenna

    Had my 2000 cruiser a couple of weeks. Just noticed the snorkel is cracked along the seam around the radio antenna area. I believe it's a cheap Chinese one with LAND CRUISER on the side. Is this likely to affect performance or fuel economy? How bad is it if rain gets in there? Crack isn't huge...
  10. T

    Would you be interested in a new air box if shipping didn't double the price?

    I ran into some initial problems with a new airbox for my HDJ81's 1hdt, but I'm going to stick with it until i get it sorted out. I'm currently having it done in mild steel, but i have a friend who does stainless welding. There have been a lot of talk about these airboxes that have a plate...
  11. Kolasin

    For Sale Ironman Snorkel LC 100

    I just bought this snorkel, but when I tried to check the height with my garage clearance, it was too close for comfort. I didn't want to cut sheet metal, install it and have it end up being too high for the garage clearance. So I'm selling it instead . It's brand new. $75 + buyer pays...
  12. E

    Wanted 80 series Sliders bumpers and snorkel

    Looking for above mentioned. I'm in michigan. Willing to drive 300 miles for the right bits. Thanks!
  13. P

    $98 ARB-Clone Snorkel install -- It turned out GREAT!!

    Quick Intro: I picked up a $5k 1999 stock, locked LC about two weeks ago, and I am building it up for a bit of overlanding. I'm fairly mechanical -- used to be a Porsche service manager, but really am more of a Toyota man at heart. I also co-lead off-road dualsport motorcycle trips through...
  14. Jeff Sage

    For Sale 1998 Expedition Built Land Cruiser $18K

    1998 Expedition Toyota Land Cruiser (Text Jeff (970) 470-6666 View the craigslist thread at 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser List of Upgrades: ARB Front Bumper $1,480.10 LED Fog Lamps $490.00 BIO Rock Sldders $1,010.00 BIO Rear Bumper $1,525.00 BIO Adjutible Tire Carrer $720.00 ARB...
  15. luckysob

    Wanted UZJ 100 Series ARB Front Rear Roof Draws Etc Gear USED

    Looking for any of the these - located NJ can pay for shipping if you can palatalize or pickup within 500 miles. ARB / TJM / Any (sweet) front bumper w or w out winch Rear Bumper Same ( prefer tire carrier) Full length roof rack ( only ) Snorkel Aux Lights Drawers Open to other cool...
  16. SkyMall

    SOLD 1994 FZJ80 - OME Lift, Front/Rear Bumpers, Snorkel, 285/75R16 Duratracs

    Well... I hate that I have to do this, but I’m moving to SoCal and I can’t take my 80 with me so I’m putting it up for sale. I’ll put a link to my build thread below, but here’s the short version: OME lift with 850/863 springs ARB front bumper SoFlo rear bumper with dual swing outs Safari...
  17. DanMedeiros

    Knock off snorkel

    I was wondering if anybody here can recommend one of the knock off snorkels? If they are of similar quality to a Safari Snorkel I can't imagine paying $300 more for one. Also curious if they come with a template and how hard they are to install. Thank!
  18. Aids10

    For Sale New 80-Series OEM Snorkel

    BNIB Ducts, Brackets, Bolts/Washers/Rivets 70-Series Topper/Pre-Cleaner (best looking) Template transposed from JDM vehicle (thx mot) US-Spec vehicle; antenna will need to be relocated. $850 + ship :cheers: Install Thread- OEM Toyota 80 Series Snorkel Installation Write-Up
  19. K

    Snorkel bracket, no rivets

    I didn't like the idea of drilling into my A pillar so I used some 3m double sided tape and a rare earth magnet to hold the snorkel bracket. It's a solid connection and has held up for 3 months so far in hot sun and cold weather (including some tree strikes). Posting this trick for those who...
  20. clownmidget

    For Sale SOLD SOLD

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