1. E

    Failed CA Smog

    Smog guy mentioned HC increasing at higher RPMs. Just bought this 1991 last week, drove it 10 hours home. Thanks for your help.
  2. R

    Registering a Fed 79 FJ55 in CA?

    Anyone have any info about if its possible to make a car exempt from smog in CA? Or some way to get around this (legally)? My neighbor has a '79 FJ55 that he will sell me but its not currently registered in CA (from Idaho). Its missing a bunch of emissions control equipment as well (original...
  3. 9

    Smog delete?

    I have a 1994 FZJ80 with the 1fz-fe. Looking in to a smog delete including egr, o2 sensor, etc. Cats are already removed. What all would I need to do these mods? Possible issues I could run in to? Related threads? How difficult would this be for the average guy?
  4. A

    Wanted FJ62 Smog parts

    PO de-smogged it, I brought it to California and need to re-smog it. Need everything but the cats. PM me what you have and price. TIA
  5. Scrapedknuckles

    Intro and 'check engine light' question (help!)

    Hey there, Eddie here. New to the forum. After wanting a FJ80 I finally pulled the trigger. I found a reasonably priced LC locally and drug it home. Dirty but straight with a solid running motor. Definitely a project. Well, when I took to be smogged the tech said he didn't want to test it...
  6. J

    Wanted Smog pump hoses

    I’m trying to find replacements for the hoses coming off the smog pump including the one going to the air cleaner. It looks like they are no longer available from Toyota. They appear to be 7/8” and 1” hoses (I think). Has anyone had any luck finding correct application replacements? Thanks Jeff
  7. J

    Smog pump bracket

    Does anyone know the size of the smog pump bracket spacer? See circled spacer in picture below. This is located between the water pump and bracket on my 5/1977 FJ40. Thanks! Jeff
  8. J

    FJ40 Smog Pump Differences

    Does anyone know the difference between a 1977 smog pump and a 1979 pump? Looking at the pictures it appears the casings are the same with the exception of the piece circled in red. I was wondering if a 1979 smog pump can be used in place of a 1977 without hindering or altering functionality...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale 3FE Air Flow Meter, hoses, Smog Pump, hoses, smog parts etc. FJ80

    SoCal, No Check engine lights. These were on a great running engine which has been sold. Every external accessory available for the 3FE EXCEPT PS pump. Air Flow Meter (aka Air Vane or AFM)is $125 including shipping. Shipping OK on these parts.
  10. CUSailor

    79 FJ40 - Removing Emissions System

    This is for a 7/79' FJ40 There is a full network of vacuum hoses, most of which aren't connected to anything, the rest of which seem to connect to various parts of the defunct emissions system. I don't believe that the emissions system is functioning, the smog pump has no hoses coming to or...
  11. Rockatansky

    Wanted 1978 FJ40 Emissions Equipment

    Anyone doing a desmog of a 1978 2f? If so, I'm looking to buy your emissions equipment. Thanks.
  12. J

    FJ40 Tube Routing / Hole

    I’m in the process of reassembling my 5/1977 FJ40 and have a question about the shown tube (circle “B”) and hole(circle “A”). Does the tube go into the hole? If not, what goes in the hole and where does the tube go? Maybe fuel separator? Prior to disassembly the tube was in the hole to no...
  13. bkfj40

    For Sale 83 2f smog parts

    Just pulled this off an 83 2F that I’m putting in my fj45. The smog pump is free turning Includes air rail, egr, and all the stuff in the picture. $75 plus shipping. I’m in Virginia.
  14. B

    Failed Smog due to Timing Being Off

    I recently picked up my first 80 and for once in my life, did so without having the previous owner smog it. It's a single owner, 94, with 80k miles and had passed smog every 2 years as expected. I took it in and it passed with flying colors except for the timing. For some reason, when we...
  15. WGermer

    Wanted 3 bolt pulley for smog pump

    Looking for a 3 bolt pulley to fit a '77 style smog pump. My current seized pump has the center shaft pulley and its not compatible with the reman unit I want to order. (I've thought about desmogging but not quite into that yet). Any help is appreciated!
  16. E

    Should I buy this?

    1983 FJ60 in fair to good condition at a great price. I live in California and my hesitation is as described: "I am selling as is. It was a CA Vehicle before being sold in Oregon at some time where the CA Emissions were pulled off the vehicle. I bought it and put emissions back on. Had it...
  17. W

    Wanted FJ60 EGR VALVE

    Striving here to return all my smog gear to proper function on my bone stock '87 FJ60. Needing a working EGR Valve, please... Thanks!
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Fits 3FE - 1991-92 Land Cruiser FJ80

    SoCal Parts are from 91 and 92 year models Shipping is extra: E brake cable $20 Air Switching Valve (Vacuum Switch Valve) 25710-61031 $25 Ignition Coil $30 Smog Pump $30 Radiator Side Brackets $40 pair Heater Valve (on Firewall) $27.66 INCLUDES SHIPPING US AC - Heater Control Module (Mounts in...
  19. FJ80Steve

    Quick de smog question

    Ive searched, found, and read everything I can get my hands on about de smogging but there is one thing I'm not exactly clear on... Question is about the three plugs on the driver fender that are vacuum fed. Correct me if I'm wrong but the one closest to the firewall goes to the fuel pressure...
  20. F

    60 De-Smog questions+Progress thread

    Gonna get my De-Smogged fj back in working order for those pesky California smog laws... Unfortunate! Does the catalytic have any sensors on it? I heard it has a temp sensor for some kind of fuel regulator in the carb but I don't know for sure. I'm a diesel guy so bear with me here... So far...
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