1. gregruth

    AirBedz in FJ60

    Hey everyone. Has anyone purchased one of these? 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser Air Mattress - AirBedz ( It says it will fit but I can't find any pictures online of someone using it in their 60/62. If anyone could comment on size and weather it will fit two medium sized adults that...
  2. Hotrodlarry

    HotRodLarry Build

    I want to say that I have had very few original ideas for my build. This forum has been a wealth of information. I will recap a few of the things I have done to my land cruiser but most of those ideas can be searched. I have also posted a few other times on individual projects. Search my user...
  3. J0seph

    My budget sleeping setup - $29ish

    So I want to start experience going out and camping in my LC100. I dont want to spend a lot in drawers or sleeping platform until I'm sure about the route I'm going. I figured I can measure and cut a set of plastic shelves(Lowes) to match the height of the folded back seats (around 10.25") I...
  4. g-man

    sleeping platform builds please

    Looking to sleep 2 in the back or at least be able to jump back there if storms roll up while tent camping. I'm looking for ideas on drawer system / sleeping platform. My double intex inflatable mattress fits nicely over top of the wheelwell humps so I really am thinking about just building to...
  5. NMC_EXP

    Motel 60 - We'll Keep the Lights On For Ya

    We are in the process of setting up the FJ60 for sleeping. Sometimes a tent is just too much trouble. Platforms and drawers are popular but this is going to be basic. Partly because I want to be able to sit up. Both of us are tall and neither of us are as flexible as we used to be. Having...
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