skid plates

  1. Octous

    Who Makes a Rear Differential Skid Plate

    I searched the forum and the web, but could not seem to find anyone who makes a rear differential skid plate for the 100 series (mine is a 1999). I just got back from an awesome Cal4wd Sierra Poker Run where we ran Brewer Lake and Bald Mountain. Came back with a bunch of scrapes on my diff...
  2. Skookcruiser

    Import costs for skid plates

    Hello fellow Cruisers, My name is Al and I've been a bit of a lurker on this site for a while but recently my dad and I started building our 2005 100 series. We found all of our parts and information very easily (especially with the help of all the forum discussions) but recently have hit a...
  3. 11gx

    For Sale 2011 gx460 with lots of extras

    Asking $20k, located in NW Chicago suburbs Text or call (prefer text) to 8476483745 if interested Was planning on continuing to build this truck out with bumpers and lift kit but life has other plans for me. Has roof rack, blitz rock sliders w/ built in led puddle lights, full skid plates...
  4. bertnd

    Wanted Engine and Fuel tank skid plates and cross member sub-assembly for 04 100 series (Denver)

    looking for some rust free parts in good shape, I can pick up in Denver/Boulder if you're local to save shipping. Factory take-offs or aftermarket are ok. cross member part- Toyota (51204-60150) fuel tank skid plate part- Toyota (77606-60120) front splash shield- Toyota (51410-60020)
  5. Shikha

    For Sale Front & intermediate Slee Skid plates

    Testing the waters...... Selling my Slee skid plates. Have the front, intermediate & belly which were installed last year on my UZJ100. Planning on selling the front & intermediate. Don't do a lot of off-roading, planning to replace with stock splash shield (sourcing those pieces at the...
  6. weaselox

    200 Skid Plate Protection

    I’m in the midst of finishing the build on my 2016 200 and I was looking at under-carriage protection. I have been leaning towards Bud Built and was readying to order their “Overlander Stage 4” package. Over the weekend their website had 3-4 weeks of lead time advertised and now they have 9-10...
  7. chap79

    Skid Plate Interest

    I stopped by Bent Motorsports in San Marcos (where we did the last safety inspection) and spoke to Dave about making some skid plates for the 80 series. Yes, there are multiple vendors currently selling some but shipping can add $100+ due to freight charges. And pursuing a local shop helps our...
  8. Bluetribal

    ASFIR 4x4 Skids are back

    It looks like ASFIR skid plates are back and available in the USA again. TOYOTA Land Cruiser 120 2005 - Skid Plates I am contacting them by e-mail to verify and see how long shipping would take.
  9. Javelin

    Vibration After Installing Slee Skid Plates

    I installed my full set of steel skids from slee last night. I noticed that the truck has a slight vibration now. I checked all the bolts and everything is tight. I am wondering if it's the exhaust pipe. It comes very close to the belly pan like 1cm or less. No rattles or squeaks just doesn't...
  10. Javelin

    Anyone running Slee skids with White Knuckle Sliders?

    Just pulled the trigger on a set of slee steel skids. Wondering if I'll have to notch the belly pan skid in order to clear the ubolts. Anyone have this setup? How was the install? Thanks!
  11. Taco2Cruiser

    Builds Rocklander Build

    Well, I guess this will also be my introduction. So hi guys, I've always loved this forum, and always loved land cruisers. I grew up in shops, learned to build ground up custom cars and trucks from an early age and had a great time doing it. Built some amazing things, learned from some great...
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