road trip

  1. Panama Bob

    Trip to panama

    Just mentioning that my pal and I made it back from Panama safe and "The Beast" (hyperbole compaired to some of the builds here) performed beautifully. 1997 Toyota 4runner limited. Can't bring myself to drive the Accord anymore. We did try to maintain a blog but it was a pain. So, have a...
  2. M

    3 months to drive around the US-Build Questions

    Hi all, I am preparing to drive my '99 LC around the US for the next 3 months or so. This LC is currently stock, save for some . I am trying to find good bumpers that do not weigh too much more than what they'd be replacing. I am conscious about gas mileage for this trip, and while I'd like...
  3. Lschumm

    78 2f highway speed chug/cough - possible water in fuel

    over the past two days ive been driving my 1978 Fj40 from Denver up to Spokane where I go to school. It’s been running fantastically other than an issue that’s starting to worry me - back story, I left my gas cap in Cheyenne at the station but didn’t realize it until a few hundred miles later...
  4. tschuszl

    Oregon/California Coast Road Trip

    Hey Guys, For Thanksgiving I am planning to take the FJ62 down the Oregon coast and into a bit of N California (obviously avoiding the wildfires). I am planning on camping most nights. Anybody have any must-see spots, good campsites, trails, etc...?
  5. Tareq

    Starting my North America trip tomorrow!!

    Ok guys, this is the reason why I bought an SUV, a 100 series, it is for an overland trip that I have always wanted to do! :) Originally I wanted to go from Dubai to Mangolia using my dad's Y61 Nissan Patrol, but didnt workout as I wanted. So I decided to do this trip instead. Thankfully I...
  6. W

    Road trip today KY to SC

    Hoping all goes well as I'm moving from Lexington, KY to Mt. Pleasant, SC today. Got my two dogs in the back and we're about to get underway. I'll check in with updates, hopefully they're all good!
  7. LALC

    Movies + Video Games = Road Trip Fun!

    Goal: Have access to a library of movies and video games playable on all 3 screens in a 2016 Land Cruiser with no internet required. Remote controls for the video menu as well as the gaming menu will be XBOX 360 controllers. It must require only minimal computer experience and be easily...
  8. erse

    Another 60 post purchase road trip

    Well I swore after the last long (ish) road trip immediately post purchase I wouldn't do it again. Well apparently it only took me 18 months or so to disavow that notion. Picked up an 85 with a 350 TBI, h55 and many other mods. It was located a couple of hours from Valley hybrids so...
  9. Graniteone

    Winter road trip in my new ride.

    Well, maybe I shouldn't drink whiskey and surf eBay but I did. Last night I had the winning bid for a 1983 FJ60 based in Spokane, WA. I had been eyeballing it since the listing went up and got lucky with a last second bid. Spoke to current owner multiple times over the course of the auction...
  10. kzj78

    KZJ78 Road Trip - Toronto to Vancouver - need some advice from the west coast!

    I'm planning on making a road trip with my family of 7 (me, spouse, 17/16/14/11/9 years old) essentially 4 adults and 3 kids. Planning to drive Toronto to Calgary with family and our stuff then rent a travel trailer there. Trailer is 3500lbs and has a weight distributing hitch and requires a...
  11. Coolfishluke

    Extended road trip parts list - 3FE

    My question for all you FJ80 & 3FE enthusiasts is, what would you include in a must have spare parts kit in your rig, thinking extended road trip around USA and down through South America? What are the showstopper components that I should have on hand?
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