1. RyanJMU

    SOLD  Central Coast, CA - 100 Series OEM 18 inch Silver Wheels (04 Land Cruiser) with BF Goodrich KO2 305/65R18

    Hi everyone! I am looking to sell this set of four beautiful OEM 100 series Landcruiser 18-inch wheels with BFG K02 305/65R18 with a good amount of tread on them (only 15k miles on them). Other than a broken center cap on one of the wheels (see pics) these are in great shape. Local pickup is...
  2. mw1985fj

    Noobie: Wheels - will these first?

    https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/pro-comp-51-series-rock-crawler-15x8-wheel-with-6-on-5-5-bolt-pattern-flat-black-51-5883f/_/R-FPWF-51-5883F Picked out wheels and tires for my new-to-me 1985 FJ60. Called to order from 4WP but sales rep said this wheel WILL NOT fit. Not confident he was correct...
  3. Z

    Can anyone identify this wheel / hub assembly? (2004 LC)

    Hi, I recently bought a 2004 Land Cruiser and was having some problems with the car shaking at about 60mph+. I had the tires balanced twice, but it wouldn't fix the problem. Another mechanic realized that the previous owner had spacers mounted on the wheels, which then I had removed. It took...
  4. B

    SOLD  1997 80 series stock rim 84770

    I have one I repeat one stock rim from a 1997 collectors edition 80 series. It is in good shape. The tire on it is not great and can be removed if wanted. I am asking $50 +shipping.
  5. S

    SOLD  Utah: 5x Trail Ready Beadlocks

    Selling 5x Trail Ready 17x8.5 4.5BS 6 lug beadlocks. $1800. Located in Cedar City UT, and can get them between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Tires not included, but are also for sale. Will entertain trades for 8 lug beadlocks/40s/42s/etc.
  6. masperk

    Wanted  OEM FJ60 Steel Wheels

    Looking to purchase some oem 81-87 fj60 wheels. Looking for 5, but 4 will suffice. Interested in other 15" wheels if OEM style. Thanks
  7. 1derer

    SOLD  1970s Toyota FJ40 split rim N.CA

    I have a Toyota split rim 16" with used up metric tire. This rim and tire is very heavy I will not ship local pickup only. $40
  8. paj262

    Wanted  Rock Warrior TRD 17" 5x150 Wheel

    Had my Hankook DynaPro ATM 285/70 17 mounted on my Rock Warrior rims yesterday. They look great except where the tire machine put a huge gouge in one of them. This is a very reputable shop that I do all my business with. The owner said he would buy me another rim. So I am seeing if anyone on...
  9. frogers935

    Wanted  LX470 OEM 18" 5 Spoke Rim

    I need one stock 18" rim for my 2006 LX470. Prefer something local but would pay shipping if needed. Location: [MD] 20771 This is the rim I am looking for:
  10. arcteryx

    Vendor  40 series OEM Tire and Disc Rim

    on ebay, no reserve Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40/55 Dunlop Tire and Disc Rim, Made In Japan, No RESERVE | eBay
  11. rubicondon53

    White Rim Trail Trip Report..

    My soninlaw Gresh bought a new 4runner Trail, on my recommendation, (I must add that he is a JKU convert), to begin his families off-road overlanding adventures and me being me, was bound and determined to break him in right, with a trip to Moab and the White Rim Trail, then down to the Needles...
  12. RFB

    What rim is compatible on an FZJ80 in 17x7?

    I MEANT 17 BY 8IN I HAVE to go up to 17in in order to run mud terrains in 37in as they have been discontinued What rim can I run Im told fj cruisers fit but I still want 8in wide. Anyone. Plus Ill be selling my 5 lexus 450 16x8s after I swap.
  13. stock

    16.5 rim or 16 rim What would choose and why?

    I've got stock 15in rims on my 1991 fj80. I have new 33x10.5x15 BFG AT on her, it was the tallest skinny tire I could find quick, I needed tires asap. Now I have time and want taller tires. I like tall skinny (tires and woman) and I see in the 16in and 16.5 area there are plenty. One thing that...
  14. B

    Wanted  1 Rim and a Front Bumper bar.

    Hi, I recently purchased a 1960 FJ25 in Queensland Australia. It starts and runs and is in pretty good condition for its age. As you can expect it is missing a few items. To start with I am looking to buy a front bumper and at least 1 original Rim. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Good...
  15. nuclearlemon

    Wanted  white steel mini rim

    very good to excellent condition. just one. like the pic below with shipping to 80640
  16. B

    Post pics of your LC with tire size, rim offset, diam and width and height of lift if any!

    Want to see some tire rim and lift setups. Have to decide which setup I want to go with. Also if you rub in turning full lock or in extreeme compression please say it. just got a 2002 Lc with nav 162k miles. Thinking of a old emu kit with slee diff drop and spc control arms(slee's kit) med weight
  17. jpsfj60

    16in. Split Rim Question

    I am going to buy 5 16in. split rims that are from Saudi. Can I put FJ40 hub caps on these rims?? The rims came off a Saudi FJ45. I believe that he has 4 more that he will sell also if anyone is interested. My rims are coming with the original Saudi tires. The other 4 he has will not have...
  18. LandCruiserPhil

    Anyone on the White Rim Trail for spring break? March 11-19, 2017

    Looking for someone or small group with campsite room for Murphy's, White Crack, or Gooseberry for one night. I only need a spot to park for the night for my wife and myself. I promise to arrive late and leave early. Im 100% self contained and need nothing and take little room. If you have a...
  19. W

    Wanted  Spare wheel for FJ62 (1988)

    I'm looking for a spare wheel/rim for my 1988 FJ62 if anyone has an extra wheel (15 inch) they'd be willing to sell for a reasonable price. Recently bought a TLC that didn't come with a spare. I'm planning on buying a spare tire separately (though if you have a tire and wheel together I'd...
  20. W

    affordable spare tire options?

    Hi guys, I purchased an 1988 FJ62 that didn't come with a spare tire. I figure I should have one in the event of a flat, but is my only real option to buy a rim for $130 and a tire for $150? do you guys use or recommend any other more affordable options since it's only a spare? thanks for the...
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