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    PZJ70 questions and tips

    Greetings, I’ve recently bought a PZJ70 from 1991. The ride home through Sweden was 1500 km and during two days I found a few issues with my purchase. During that trip me and my very supportive wife fell in love with the Land Cruiser PZJ70! We were looking at old Gelandewagens but changed our...
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    Looking for PZJ70 exhaust

    My PZJ70 has the exhaust rotting out and i need to replace it. Best and preferably cheaper way to fix this? Would prefer a whole new set up but I feel they are too hard to find and therefore expensive. Anyone have ideas? Compatible vehicles?? Cheers for any help
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    PZJ70 4F to 5F Modification

    Hi, I'm modifying my PZJ70 (1991) 4 forward to 5 forward. While selecting the parts I noticed that "33311A Bearing for Input Shaft Front" had 2 Different parts 9036340034 & 9036340050 What is the difference between those parts? Can I use 9036340050 instead of the existing 9036340034 ? Please Help.
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