1. Kynadonfan

    Powersteering bleed

    Hi there, I'm new to the land cruiser world and happy to be here. I just bought a 91 FZJ80 and i replaced the power steering pump because it was seizing up and preventing the belt from spinning and steering was a nightmare. I am tryign to figureout how to bleed the system of air. i jacked it up...
  2. llunchboxx

    Power Steering Pump Help

    Hey All, Alright, bear with me as I'm sure there have been some newbie mistakes I need calling out on. I noticed the stock PS Pump on my 60 had sprung a leak at the shaft and was slowly spraying ATF all over the engine bay and ordered a reman replacement from Rock Auto. Finally got the "new"...
  3. M

    Power steering stiff when car is old then becomes ok..

    Hi All, I recently noticed my steering is very stiff in the mornings, but as car warms abit it becomes ok. I feel the pump may be getting weak. Anyone out there know if there is any adjustment or anyway to tell if the pump is weak? Also if weak would you recommend changing the seals? or put...
  4. cruisertom

    For Sale  FJ62 powersteering gear box

    From 1989 FJ62 Good condition did not leak when pulled from project that got parted out. $125 shipped. Can send pics of wanted, looks like... a steering box.
  5. O

    For Sale  77' Sand FJ40 with Powersteering OME lift Ambulance Doors $9500

    77' FJ40 FOR SALE $9,500.00 I've owned it since 08' and it's always passed safety and emissions. Daily drove it for a long period but haven't used it much the past two years. The door seals are tight, however there is rust in passenger door, top around corner windows, light rust on rear doors...
  6. toyotalandfj40

    For Sale  HJ60/FJ60 powersteering box $200 (Los Angeles)

    I was able to part out a 1985 Toyota Landcruiser with power steering but it won't work for my conversion (It's right hand drive oriented). So I'm selling the powersteering box at a loss to me. Car had 225~k KMs on the odometer when removed. It has little of no play, really good unit, shame it's...
  7. theowiski

    Wanted  77' fj40 Soft top bow and canvas top

    Looking for original or aftermarket bow and safari top, Also looking for doors, or half doors with detachable upper windows, power steering conversion Thank you
  8. 87CruiserCid

    Please Help!

    Hey y'all, I have looked around this site a few times while trying to find some answers and finally choose to make an account and ask myself. First, What is the desired idle on a 87 FJ60? (I ask because when I adjust the idle speed to low (below 700RPM) after driving and stepping on brakes...
  9. Dieselmahnic

    87 hj60 frame swap with 89 fj62 frame help plz

    Hello out there! I have a canadian 1987 hj60 with h55 Sadly frame has rusted beyond the point of no return. Currently have a super nice treated 89 fj62 frame to swap under her and will be starting the project in the next few days. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING FRAME SWAP SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME...
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