1. scoobiedubes

    Wanted  F135 pistons and rings

    Looking for a set of F135 engine pistons (0.040) and rings for the FJ28 build, please let me know if you've got a good set or where I might be able to find some.
  2. CUSailor

    For Sale  New Domed 2F +0.50 mm Pistons and Rings

    Messed up measuring and didn't realize my cylinders weren't oversized afterall. never went into the engine, just onto the connecting rods. They were bought new from S.O.R. Asking $250 obo. Domestic shipping included at asking price.
  3. J

    effect of 3 flat top pistons in a domed top piston motor?

    Hi all, I put off taking the winter cover off of my 74 '40 for as long as I could because I knew once the cover came off I'd be in full obsession mode. I was right... May 1974 FJ40 with the original F155 engine. When I pulled the head last year to have the valves done, I found the engine had 3...
  4. JAFO2014

    Best source for 2F rebuild kit

    Hi. I wanted to pick the brains of the experts on here. Anyone that has rebuilt their 2F. I am thinking I want to freshen mine up. I haven't rebuilt a 2F before. I have rebuilt other engines, so I have some engine rebuilds under my belt. But I know that every engine can have its quirks. Where...
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