1. J

    FJ40 Carb/Accelerator Linkage

    I'm not sure I have my linkage connected correctly or I have a wrong part or two. It seems like the linkage to gas pedal rod is on a pretty good angle as well as the linkage to carb rod. It seems like the ball on the gas pedal would be better aligned if it were on the other side. It's a 5/1977...
  2. A

    Weird pedal vibrations and uneven ride heights?

    Hi guys. This is my first technical post so far, so please go easy if I miss any details and tell me to provide if needed. I have just bought a 2017 Land Cruiser 200 4.6L V8 Petrol 6 speeds atomatic (UAE imported) which has only reached around 1000 Miles now, have the engine oil changed and...
  3. TomOsborne

    Idle racing and hard/frozen brake pedal

    So I've been experiencing a racing idle and have developed a nearly frozen brake pedal that totally elimnates driving. Cant stop that bus for anything. So jacked it up and pulled a wheel off last night and just looked it over and degreased. Looked into it further today and it seems to be a...
  4. J

    Boot, clutch pedal

    I have been told my clutch fork boot is nla. I believe part number is 31126-60030. Other options? Similarly, I am seeking a starter main terminal boot
  5. Evan Kapel

    Gas Pedal

    I just bought a 2005 100 and am trying to find a stock gas pedal pad. They appear to be unavailable. Does anyone know of another Toyota model with a compatible pad?
  6. T4RBoarder

    Dead pedal hardware?

    When I got my truck it didn't have a dead pedal so I ordered one off fleabay but can't seem to figure out how it attaches...Here are three pics I have, I know that bolt secures it but I'm not sure where, am I missing a bracket?
  7. Indygbd

    For Sale FJ40 gas pedal

    FJ40 gas pedal with boot. Good condition. $60.00
  8. 65swb45

    Anyone else crack an early pedal hanger?

    In the 45 this morning for another linkage refurbish, and when I pulled out the hanger to weld up the wallowed out holes, what do I find:
  9. J

    FJ40 Gas Pedal

    Is this a stock gas pedal for a 1977 FJ40? It was previously connect via cable to a Weber carb. Will it work with mechanical linkage and stock carb? Thanks! Jeff
  10. S

    Soft brake pedal

    So I just finished rebuilding my knuckles and installed new calipers while I was at it. After bleeding the brakes and taking the car for a test drive, the brake pedal goes really far to the floor before I feel anything. Any tips?
  11. 65swb45

    For Sale FJ40, FJ55 Accel cable, pedal, tensioner, SoCal

    Good used Pedal shown fits 67-72 FJ40. Can also supply FJ55 pedal of same vintage. New aftermarket Cable fits 1970-1973 FJ 40 and 55, includes tensioner nuts. Used tensioner also included. $100 plus the ride from Burbank. No PMs please. Mark
  12. RodrigzCrzr

    For Sale 1987 FJ60 Pedal Assembly

    I have a whole pedal assembly for sale. this is the clutch pedal and brake pedals. I was going to convert my FJ62 to a H55 trans. But, plans have changed and i just recently sold my 62. $100
  13. rkymtnflyfisher

    For Sale FJ40 pedal bucket (MD)

    pulled from a 73 FJ40, in great condition. $50 plus the ride from 21782 I will try to get pics up soon. Or PM me your # and I can send faster.
  14. Honger

    Wanted Link Gas Pedal with Manual Throttle Extension

    I need a linkage-style gas pedal (late 70's) that includes the manual throttle extension piece at the top. Like this one... I'd even take some of the other linkage pieces... I've got a USA forwarding address, so shipping is easy for those stateside.
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