1. anothernord

    Builds  Mercedes OM606 Turbodiesel into FZJ80 - engine refresh and more turbo fun

    Project complete! (as complete as a project ever is) A couple years ago, I completed a 1KZ-TE hilux swap into my 01 Tacoma. I ended up needing to sell that rig, but couldn't stay away from 4x4 Yotas. That's when I found a locked 96 FZJ80 for 3k, cleaned her up, and got the diesel bug...
  2. LandCruisinMy93

    Mercedes OM606 turbo Diesel 80 series Land Cruiser

    Greeting's members of MUD. I have been working on an OM606 swap for a little over a year now, most of that time was spent gathering parts and having adapter parts made. I started the actual swap process July 30th 2017 with some minor disassembly on the 28th. I have been chronicling the swap in...
  3. Parnavaz

    Swapping Mercedes OM606 to FZJ80

    Hello, I have been a long time guest on this forum, Some may say I have been researching the topic before actual thing happened and I purchased car of my dream, 93 fzj80! As you can guess it is equipped with 1fz-fe 4.5 l gas engine, all 3 lockers in place, automatic transmission. I live in...
  4. M

    OM606 diesel conversion FJ62 CAtuned off-road

    We found this 1988 Toyota FJ62 on Craigslist located in Chico California. It already had a 5 speed swap done. We had an idea to swap something it there that would be more reliable with some increase in power and torque and lighter in weight. Thoughts of Chevy LS power came to mind. We love...
  5. southern jeeper

    Fj40 diesel swap madness

    You may call me crazy or think this down right blasphemous to put a non Toyota diesel in a fj40 but I'm going going to drop a Mercedes om606 turbo diesel in my 40. To my knowledge this has never been completed in a 40 before. All my work on my 40 up to this point can be seen here My fj40...
  6. ravenholm

    OM606.692 Turbodiesel into FJ40 (SBC Swap)

    OM606TD with NV4500/Orion into a 1969ish FJ40 Hi! I've been working on an interesting swap. I haven't documented it thus far becuase my time limited and there is a deadline on the rig being running. However, I wanted to get the bullet points down and post them in case anyone else is pursueing a...
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