1. S

    AHC rough ride, with readouts from ecu

    Graduation test shows only 8 bars, the fluid has 20k miles on it, rear springs are OEM from 1999 and torsion bars have never been cranked. The ride has been getting significantly harsher in the last 15k miles and I have No leaks anywhere on the system (struts, accumulators and globes, pump)...
  2. HDJdreams

    CEL and OBD2 1FZ transmission swap?

    I am trying to figure out how to change the transmission in my 97 FZJ80 and get more gears. One of the biggest hurdles is keeping the CEL off, (I live in an emissions tested area). Over the years on Mud, every time I read about someone thinking of a manual swap, it was shot down because of ecm...
  3. bonestock

    Wanted ScanGauge II

    If you have one available in proper working order, PM me. Looking to spend around $75
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 1FZE Starters, Alternators, ECUs, Sensors, All external parts

    SoCal Starters $50 Alternators $50 ECUs - $100 - $125 EGR, VSV, etc etc Please send Personal Message with your year model
  5. HDJdreams

    Help! Recommendations for Bluetooth OBD2 scanner?

    Though I have owned an 80 for close to 20 years, thankfully my 80 has been dependable so I haven’t done any diagnostics on it. The few CELs that came up over the years handled by shops like Iron Pig. My troubleshooting skills, meager as the are, were rooted in the carburetor age. Both of my...
  6. LumpyTheTaco

    Wanted 95-97 OBD2 1FZ RUNNING LONG BLOCK Colorado

    I need a replacement engine for my blown up 96 cruiser i just picked up. Id be willing to drive a bit to get it. Let me know what you have and hopefully we can work something out.
  7. Malleus

    Lost my thread...OBD2 and Samsung tablet

    "I breakdown in the middle and lose my thread"; sorry I was having an Alan Parsons flashback. Recently, someone posted a thread referencing their OBDII-Samsung tablet solution. The photo in the post shows the tablet lying on the instrument cluster, above the steering column. I've looked and...
  8. EvoE2

    OBD-II to a NON OBD-II

    Hey guys, this is my thing: I have a 2007 FZJ80 (From Venezuela) and it doesn't have the OBD-II connector Can it be added? From what I understand, it has 4 contacts (2, 4, 5 and 16) Would it be as easy as adding those 4 connectors? Where is that wiring going? What do you think? Thanks in...
  9. Tareq

    OBD2 for 100 series

    I have Engine light + VCS + VSC lights on during an offroad trip. A guy plugged in his OBD2 and said it is the catalytic converter. The oxygen sensor there was rattling, the screw was missing the nut I guess, so we tightened it with wire. My question: now I wanna get my own OBD2 so I can get...
  10. B

    OBD2 Cannot Communicate with ECM

    On my 96, I have a CEL and want to see if there are any codes. So I plugged in the OBD2 and started Torque on my phone. It just keeps trying to connect and no matter what it says it cannot communicate with the ECU (or ECM - forgot which terminology it uses). I actually tried 3 different OBD2...
  11. B

    New tech for monitoring OBD

    I've been the proud owner of a high-mileage 1999 LC for just over a week, and the check engine light started flashing at me today. I'm just starting to learn the ins and outs of maintaining a LC, so I dropped it off at a local mechanic and will find out tomorrow what the problem is. Based on...
  12. S

    Torque Pro or OBD2 scanner data logging

    I am preparing to install a TRD SuperCharger on my 2000 LC. Bought a OBD2 scanner and I am using Torque Pro to monitor/log data. Any advise on what/how to monitor specifically to identify any existing issues with the engine/fuel system that might be aggravated by a SC? I have been monitoring...
  13. K

    Fzj80 Obd2 Help

    I made an account just for this. My engine has had the P0401 code for awhile. not really a big deal, it has run fine. Recently it has kicked back the P0335 (crankshaft position sensor), P0340 (camshaft position sensor), and P0385 (crankshaft position sensor another one?). I don't know what to...
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