1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 1FZE Starters, Alternators, ECUs, Sensors, All external parts

    SoCal Starters $50 Alternators $50 ECUs - $100 - $125 EGR, VSV, etc etc Please send Personal Message with your year model
  2. Irish Reiver

    Keyless entry & Remote Start systems OBD1

    I want to replace the old keyless entry system which has now failed with a new model that also has a remote start function. My truck is a '94 so OBD1 (not sure if that matters). Does any one have real world recommendations ?
  3. pjt087

    Low speed knocking, worse with a full tank of gas

    I just bought a '95 4x4 pickup V6 edition, drove it down from Riverside, CA to San Diego no problem. The following days I experienced some pretty serious "chug" or knocking- especially in low gear. Have not been able to pass CA Smog- labelled as a "Gross Polluter". Replaced an after market cool...
  4. R

    OBD1 Scangauge Mastertech mts3100

    I have been researching this for awhile now. I have did many searches on mud to see if anyone else had information and no one has posted this so I wanted to start a thread on how you CAN get signal information from toyota obd1. First off, obd1 does not have a data stream so you can not get as...
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