For Sale Awesome Stock '84 FJ60 - NYC - Rust Free

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United States
I'm selling my FJ60 as times are tough and I can't really afford to keep the truck anymore.

I can produce all the receipts for the work I've done on it over the past 1.5 yrs.

I'll consider all offers but hope they fall into the reasonable category.

email me to set up a viewing:

1984 FJ60

263,000 miles (some accrued while towed behind an RV)

It may not be in exactly mint condition but this is still a totally stock, rust free, west cost truck newly on the east cost. Runs really well. It has been my daily driver for the past 1.5 years and now its ready for a new owner to finish the restoration.

-- New Valve Cover Gasket
-- New Tune Up, Plugs, Rotor Cap, Air Filter
-- New Starter
-- New Belts (Alternator and V)
-- New Vacuum Lines
-- New Thermostat

-- New Heavy Duty Clutch, Fork, Hub, Plate, Fly Wheel, etc.
-- New Transfer Case Seal
-- New Axle Seal

-- De-smogged
-- New Air Pump Eliminator Kit

-- New Manifold Gasket
-- New EGR Gasket
-- New Carburetor Base Gasket
-- New Plenum Gasket
-- New Heat Riser Gasket
-- New Donut Gasket
-- New Muffler and Tail Pipes

-- New front stabilizer link

-- Nearly all original
-- Seats Rear: Very good condition, no tearing, original fabric.
-- Seats Front: Fair; they have some wear and exposed foam.
-- Dash: Very good condition; it was uv protected for years and there only one minor crack in the vinyl at the speaker
-- Carpet Main Cabin: Good condition, but dirty
-- Carpet Cargo Bay: Removed,
-- Headliner: Great, but one small tear in the cargo area
-- This model came with A/C. The fuse to the blower motor is out and should be replaced

-- Windshield wiper mechanism requires repair as only one works
-- Windshield wiper fluid vessel is broken and should be replaced
-- Paint: I really LOVE this color and the patina. The car was re-painted by the previous owner and the clear coat is peeling.
-- Very very little body rust
-- No structural rust
-- The passenger headlight housing is loose and needs securing

-- The front brakes have been serviced and have new shoes and machined rotor
-- The rear drum brakes are due for service
-- The emergency break does not work

-- Stock wheels were replaced by the previous owner with American Racing Aluminum Wheels with locking front hubs
-- The truck is equipped with all terrain tires





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Thanks - I love the color too - this FJ is nick-named the Sage Sage
I met the owner, David, and took a ride in the 60 yesterday. He's a super nice honest guy. There is very minimal rust and it seems to run very well. Throw some offers at him. Although, I think he should keep it
Thanks Kruiser Karl, was great to meet you. Nice rig yourself. Thank you for taking a loot and for your feed back.
All best,

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