1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - Sweet Running 1FZE engine from a 1996 FJ80 also Trans and T Case

    In the car. You can start it run it, test it and enjoy it. Good oil pressure, no smoke, runs normal temperatures, no mixed fluids, no noises, and runs strong. Price is if you pull it. If I pull it, add $150. Idles smooth. A sweet engine! The car has 200,500 miles on it. $1500 complete with...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Used shortblock from 1993 1FZE (FJ80).

    So Cal No known issues with oil consumption, knocking or low oil pressure. It had a bad head gasket but owner had a spare engine. Engine has 260,000 miles on it. Cylinder head was removed from engine and machined and is for sale on Mud, ready to install on this engine or another engine...
  3. D

    Fixing electric seat sliders fj80 fzj80

    Hi guys, I have a videos on how to fix electric seat sliders on a fzj80 & fj80. I hope this helps you save money. There is a playlist in the channel for the fzj80 and more videos to come. A subscribe or a thumbs up are appreciated. Thanks:)
  4. 74fj40Oregon

    SOLD  1974 Complete F.5 Motor only

    I have a F.5 out of my 12/74 fj40 that I’m looking to sell. It’s a complete motor and was not running when I pulled it out. It’s a complete motor and turns over. I also have everything that goes on it. Carb, hooker headers, alternator, distributor, bell housing, clutch assembly air filter and...
  5. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  1988 Fj62 3fe North Florida 32609

    Complete minus power steering pump and bracket. (Sold) Includes engine harness. Dash harness and ecu also available. Buyer makes freight arrangements (uship) or local pickup 32609. $1000

    Need a motor for my 86 60

    hi gang, Compression way low in all cylinders and number is blowing air back into the radiator. Previous owner told me the head was just redone and machined not more than 100 miles ago. The tech that has it thinks it could be a cracked head or block. Any motors out there I could rebuild and...
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  1FZE Engine that runs great. Two available

    SoCal - Los Angeles area near Pasadena Shipping unlikely unless you want to set it all up and I can put it on a pallet and take to local shipper. 1996 Engine 265K in car, runs good, Compression all cylinders above 180, history unknown. Good Oil pressure, even after one hour of idling. , Come...
  8. 1978freebornred

    For Sale  2f engine parts and crankshaft for sale

    I took both my stock 2f long blocks to be rebuilt and one had a cracked block and was otherwise rebuildable I'll be selling the internals of that one. cruiser corps wants 700 for a used crank, I don't have overhead so make me an offer. start at 500? I should have a usable cam as well 100?, one...
  9. MontanaFJ40

    What's my motor?

    What's my engine? I live in Ecuador and recently bought a 1967 FJ40 hardtop. I couldn't resist it, and after much negotiations I paid $4,500. US. I knew the motor needed work, as well as the body which has a lot of Bondo. My mechanic pulled the motor and we decided to rebuild it top to bottom...
  10. SgtChase

    Wanted  2f Block

    all i need is a 2f block from an fj60 that was known to be running with minimal miles, preferably a seller in north texas or a few hours from it. if anyone can help me out with leads that'd be great, my fj60 is my daily and only transportation so i need it asap
  11. CruiserZen

    FJ60 Starter motor wiring question/pic

    My FJ60's PO, who apparently had a sort of wiring fetish, saw fit to replace the original starter motor wiring (from the loom) with a 6 foot piece of insulated lamp cord. While I'm doing my rebuild, I plan to rewire it to match the original. Does anyone have a photo or a drawing of what the...
  12. Spencerfj6289

    Wiper motor from 80 on a 62?

    Hi I'm hoping someone can tell me if a wiper motor from an 80 series will fit on my 62. One of the brushes in my motor was so worn that while it was running the brush fell into the motor and ripped a bar off the comutator. I can't find a reasonably priced replacement, so I'm hoping one from an...
  13. sunrk

    What should be checked on an import 1hdt or 1hdft from Japan ?

    Import 1hdt and 1hdft motors are very common here in Australia to update from 1hz's. They come from Japan after the vehicles there are deemed unroadworthy after some specified time period or number of km's due to emissions rules. Current prices are about A$8k for an import 1hdt and A$11k for an...
  14. M

    Knock Knock? Broken Timing Gear

    Howdy all. I was recently driving in my 1973 FJ40 On the freeway when I heard a knock. I promptly shut the motor off. Got it home started tearing stuff apart and got the timing gear cover off and noticed a broken timing gear. The crank gear easily was spinning against the bare spot on the...
  15. 88red

    For Sale  1989 3FE 240k running

    Running 3fe, 240k miles. Out of a 1989FJ62 Have video of it running and dry compression numbers in the 125-135 range. Stripped down to block/head/sump valve cover. $750 Willing to negotiate to include manifolds, fuel rails and front accessories if wanted. Would prefer to sell local but I’ve...
  16. 60ranchero

    Wanted  1F or 2F Engine Colorado

    The engine in my 1971 FJ40 runs but has a bad rod knock and low compression in #5 cylinder. I am looking for a good used or rebuilt 1F or 2F motor or recommendations for a good 1F engine builder in the Denver, Colorado area. Thank you!
  17. CruiserWeight

    For Sale  1997 Chevy TBI + Howell Wiring Harness & ECU

  18. sunrk

    Starter motors for 1hz diesel in an 80

    My existing starter motor (a Bosch) fitted to my 1hz motor is beginning to play up. I suspect it's the solenoid contacts or something related to that, similar to what happens with the higher quality genuine Denso starters. I'm thinking of buying a new genuine Denso starter and 'going back' to...
  19. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Strong Running 3FE engine from a 1992 in SoCal

    Strong oil pressure, no knocks or noises, runs very good, and runs cool. I welcome you to test this engine out, still in the car before we pull the engine. I will sell it as complete as you want it, $750 to $950 with starter, alternator, and everything including MAF and smog parts. Video of...
  20. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  1997 Engine (1FZE), Trans, Transfer Case

    One of the sweetest running engines I have ever seen. No overheating problems, and good oil pressure. Engine is still in the car so you can test it yourself. Car is fully driveable. Miles on the car show 250K, however an old engine does not purr like this one. 1997 engine can be used in...
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