1. I

    Wanted  Wanted: FJ40 near Indianapolis, Indiana

    Looking for an FJ40 with in a reasonable drive to Indianapolis, Indiana. 30K$ or less Looking for one to cruise around in and eventually to get into some light off-road.
  2. I

    For Sale  1984 FJ60

    1984 FJ60 Well-maintained Manual transmission ~273K miles 4-wheel drive Spare parts included: Hood (good condition) Rear Tailgate Lower (good condition) Right Fender (good condition) Right Fender (slightly damaged) $14,000 OBO
  3. R

    Dealer  Found this 1988 FJ62 $5,995 Michigan

    Hi there my first post on this forum. During the search of FJ60 I came across this 62 @ Page Honda Bloomfield. I apologize if this is a repost. Page Honda Bloomfied
  4. Hambone

    Newb.......From Michigan

    Hi, Hambone here... Just purchased my first Toyota on the advice of a friend. I will be hitting the rocks and trails in the next few weeks...I picked up a 94 Truck with a little work done already. I just ordered RCV axles, and purchased a nice used set of 37x11.5x16 Maxxis Creepy Crawlers with...
  5. Sandroad

    Michigan Sand Dunes 2017

    For one weekend each in June and August this year, Michigan is offering free use of ORV areas and trails. Here is the press release and the web site for Silver Lake State Park ORV area. Silver Lake is a fantastic area to play with Land Cruisers and other 4WD in the sand. Anyone wanting to gain...
  6. Sandroad

    For Sale  Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 in Michigan

    I have a set of 4 Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 tires for sale, taken new off a Land Cruiser. They are size 285/60-18 116V and have only the miles from the dealership to the tire store on them. They are a very quiet, smooth tire, but I wanted something with a more aggressive tread. I can’t ship these...
  7. BGMachine

    Favorite Campsites

    Hey All, So I'm new to Michigan and I want to do some camping this spring/summer/early fall. I was curious if any of you had any campsites that you knew of that were good to go to. Stuff like state parks etc that aren't crowded with people. Maybe we could even get a weekend trip setup to...
  8. mtgski

    MUDShip  Hauling trip Ohio, Mich. Indiana, to Nebraska or beyond

    No longer available
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