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  1. Recon Aircrew

    Metal Tech Slider Install

    Finally got around to installing the Metal Tech sliders on my Wife's '16 LC. It was a long weekend! I spent most of Saturday installing the rivet nuts and doing some test fitments. I spent an additional 5 hours or so today mounting the sliders. I did this alone, with some help from my wife in...
  2. B

    Rear control arms

    I am buying rear control arms (upper and lower) and I am considering the set from Metal-tech. My only concerns are not knowing how much maintenance involved and the clicking sound that I have read about in the forums. Does anyone have any experience with the control arms from Metal-tech and can...
  3. peggyfzj80

    Wanted  Metal Tech Tube Front Bumper 80 Series (without stinger)

    I'm looking for a Metal Tech, tube style, front bumper, without the stinger. Thank you!
  4. T

    Metal Tech OPOR Sliders installation

    This guide is intended to assist with the installation of the OPOR sliders from MetalTech. If you're still on the fence for this purchase, hopefully the guide/pictures will help make your decision. This installation is on a 2006 LX470 with AHC. The install on a truck without AHC is even...
  5. gholsie

    Metal Tech Lower & Upper Links

    Hi guys, Do any of you run the Metal Tech upper and lower links? Metal Tech 4x4 100 Series Land Cruiser/LX470 Link Bundle stage 1 (upper & lower links) I have a set of these on my 2000 LX470 and they have problems. The performance is good, but, they tend to snap and pop as I turn. I've made...
  6. abuck99

    For Sale  100 Series Metal Tech Lower Control Arms

    I have a set of take off MT LCA's for a 100 series. Installed August 2016 (6,000 miles ago). One LCA has some minor rock rash that I touched up. These are straight, and in perfect working condition. These sell for $375 new. Asking $250 + Shipping. Shipping from 30350, DIMS: 32 x 9 x 3 : weight...
  7. Kyle Currell

    For Sale  *SOLD*2001 Land Cruiser Icon stage2/ 35" STMaxx/Metal tech

    Toyota Land Cruiser 2001 4x4 Lifted, Excellent Condition! Hey gang, this is my cruiser for sale in Steamboat Springs, CO. Contact me directly with any questions, my number is on the craigslist ad. Thank you. Cheers!
  8. co4wheel

    Metal tech LT spring trade. HD for your Mediums

    Anyone want to trade a pair of Metal Tech HD LT rear springs for the Medium Duty you already have?
  9. lgrt

    Installing Rear Swing-Out Bumper - Metal Tech Pegasus for GX470

    For those of you considering the Metal Tech 4x4's new rear swing-out bumper, the Pegasus, or are waiting for your order to show up, here is the installation video showing just how simple it is. We spent most of the day and into the night, take after take to ensure we captured each of the steps...
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