1. MadMeak

    For Sale Very clean 1986 FJ60 - Desert Tan (Eastern Idaho).

    1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60. Owned and cared for over the past 30 years by cruiser enthusiasts...I'm the 3rd owner. Always garaged and never abused. This cruisers has been meticulously maintained and has truly been a labor or love. It will be sad to see it go but hope to find the right...
  2. F

    Wanted MAF drop brackets for fj80

    Searching for 4" or 3" control arm drop brackets. I believe the only outfit that makes them is Man-a-fre but let me know if there is another. shipping to Washington state is a must, unless youre local, then ill pick them up. Thanks, Kenny
  3. AaKnight

    Man-A-Fre Control Arm Drop Bracket Problem

    Well, after doing my oil pump seal I was feeling brave and thought I would tackle this 2" control arm drop bracket setup I bought from manafree about a year ago. The brackets fit ok into the eyelet hole, but they don't perfectly align with the frame. But are close. They look perfect, until...
  4. Kyle Currell

    For Sale *SOLD*2001 Land Cruiser Icon stage2/ 35" STMaxx/Metal tech

    Toyota Land Cruiser 2001 4x4 Lifted, Excellent Condition! Hey gang, this is my cruiser for sale in Steamboat Springs, CO. Contact me directly with any questions, my number is on the craigslist ad. Thank you. Cheers!
  5. Dragos80

    Wanted Man-A-Fre 2" drop brackets 80 Series

    As the title says. Looking for a pair of 2" drop brackets. Thanks.
  6. Lowrecoil30

    For Sale FJ60/62 Man-A-Fre OME Lift

    Have an Man-A-Fre 4' Old Man EMU lift that I took off of a 86 FJ60 that I recently purchased. All that is included is the Front/Rear spings, rear anti-inversion shackles, front shackles, and front shackle reversal drop hangers. Front springs will need new bushings. Spring center pins are...
  7. lcgeek

    Man-a-fre 38 gallon fuel tank?

    Curious if any local folks have installed one of these? Long Range Replacement Fuel Tank FJ80 - Man-A-Fre Pricey I know, but I'm considering all options for more range. Unfortunately when one does not have @LandCruiserPhil fab skills to install one's own secondary tank, he must pay the piper...
  8. Iceaxe

    What the Hell is Going On With The Vendors?????

    Ok so I've tried to order parts from YotaMasters overnight for the Rubicon, and they threw together an order that did not match what I asked for: 4 tie rod ends. They put one tie rod in the box and then slid 3 other tie rod ends that clearly didn't look like the same size when they did it...
  9. NetJunky

    For Sale Metaltech Caster correction Brackets

    Used Caster correction brackets for 80 series. Due to my steering mod (larger steering arms) the brackets don't work for me. Willing to trade for the 3" Man-a-fre caster correction bracket. Located in Pasadena, CA
  10. Steve-O

    I'm home!

    So its been a while, but I am once again a proud owner of a Land Cruiser.. err Lexus LX450! I was fortunate to find this very clean 96. The rig is pretty solid, 2 owner with 202k on the odometer. The PO noticed some oil in the coolant overflow tank and decided to sell it to avoid the hassle of...
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