lower control arm

  1. DPA200

    SOLD  Phoenix AZ: 200 Series stock front Lower Control Arms - LCA, LCAs, LCA's

    I have the well known, ever so fun issue of the seized front LCA bolt, so I'm unable to adjust my LCA's to get alignment within spec. Getting ready to cut the bolts off, but I would like to replace the LCA's with a lower mileage, good bushing, less rusty pair while I'm at it. I'll also be using...
  2. abuck99

    For Sale  Metal Tech 100 Series LCA

    I have a set of take off MT LCA's for a 100 series. Installed August 2016 (6,000 miles ago). One LCA has some minor rock rash that I touched up. These are straight, and in perfect working condition. These sell for $375 new. Asking $250 + Shipping. Shipping from 30350, DIMS: 32 x 9 x 3 ...
  3. SanDiegoCruiser

    RTH Lower Control Arm won't line up bolt

    I am installing my LCA skid plates and had to move my truck while they were disconnected. How do I align them back up? Ratchet straps?
  4. savirc

    Rear lower control arm bracket protection

    Good morning mudders, Went to Hidden Falls for some wheeling, I didn't wheel my rig but was a rider, when one of the hundys was climbing I got off to look at the weak points on the hundy when climbing. I noticed almost at every steep step it repeatedly took brunt hits to the rear upper control...
  5. cybrstar

    Rear lower control arm OEM difference between 95-96

    I'm looking into buying replacement rear lower control/trailing arms for my 95. When looking at a local Toyota website for part numbers they list 2 different model numbers. to 11/95- OEM 48720-60011 from 11/95- OEM 48720-60012 Then when you look for aftermarkets, for instance SPC lower...
  6. AG200

    Bent Rear Lower Control Arm - Any Recommendations?

    Update 100215: Straightened and sleeved. They should withstand some banging and retained the OEM bushing. See bottom post for pics. Update 091515: Now looking to straighten/sleeve or trus OEMs. Orig Post: Bent up my rear lower control arm - any recommendations on heavy duty replacement. Looks...
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