lower control arm

  1. abuck99

    For Sale Metal Tech 100 Series LCA

    I have a set of take off MT LCA's for a 100 series. Installed August 2016 (6,000 miles ago). One LCA has some minor rock rash that I touched up. These are straight, and in perfect working condition. These sell for $375 new. Asking $250 + Shipping. Shipping from 30350, DIMS: 32 x 9 x 3 ...
  2. SanDiegoCruiser

    RTH Lower Control Arm won't line up bolt

    I am installing my LCA skid plates and had to move my truck while they were disconnected. How do I align them back up? Ratchet straps?
  3. savirc

    Rear lower control arm bracket protection

    Good morning mudders, Went to Hidden Falls for some wheeling, I didn't wheel my rig but was a rider, when one of the hundys was climbing I got off to look at the weak points on the hundy when climbing. I noticed almost at every steep step it repeatedly took brunt hits to the rear upper control...
  4. cybrstar

    Rear lower control arm OEM difference between 95-96

    I'm looking into buying replacement rear lower control/trailing arms for my 95. When looking at a local Toyota website for part numbers they list 2 different model numbers. to 11/95- OEM 48720-60011 from 11/95- OEM 48720-60012 Then when you look for aftermarkets, for instance SPC lower...
  5. AG200

    Bent Rear Lower Control Arm - Any Recommendations?

    Update 100215: Straightened and sleeved. They should withstand some banging and retained the OEM bushing. See bottom post for pics. Update 091515: Now looking to straighten/sleeve or trus OEMs. Orig Post: Bent up my rear lower control arm - any recommendations on heavy duty replacement. Looks...
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