1. Matthew Deweese

    Three on the tree linkage

    I'm having trouble with setting up my three on the tree it was a floor shift and am converting it back to three one the tree. I have all the linkage set up but am struggling with the slave cylinder set up with the motor mount and linkage. I have a 62 fj40 but using some later model parts. No...
  2. Matthew Deweese

    Wanted slave cylinder bracket

    Looking for a slave cylinder braket for am early fj40 f35 engine. also adapting to three on the tree linkage hope on making sense
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Floor shifter for A440 FJ80 1992 Land Cruiser

    SoCal 1-2-3-D Complete floor unit, I can provide the console as well if you would like it! $100 + shipping. Console $40
  4. J

    FJ40 Carb/Accelerator Linkage

    I'm not sure I have my linkage connected correctly or I have a wrong part or two. It seems like the linkage to gas pedal rod is on a pretty good angle as well as the linkage to carb rod. It seems like the ball on the gas pedal would be better aligned if it were on the other side. It's a 5/1977...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Complete shift linkage and floor shift 1991-1992 Land Cruiser

    SoCal From a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 with A440 transmission. The whole thing including shift lever, floor piece, top plastic tunnel cover, linkage, knob. $180 with local pickup. Shipping and Paypal are available.
  6. BMThiker

    Sway Bar links, surgery involved

    So, my lift has been putting the hurt on my sway bar links on the rear axle. The stock length throws off the angle and they rake forward after the geometry of the lift is applied. My threads on the top of the link stud eventually just gave way and rusted so much that it was difficult to remove...
  7. emac

    Wanted FJ40 mechanical throttle linkage part (torque rod to carb)

    I need the short rod that goes from the torque rod to the carb. It needs to have the attachments on opposite sides. The part is NLA. I only need that one part, but would be willing to buy a whole assembly if it isnt crazy expensive. I have some stuff to trade! Thanks.
  8. J

    Wanted Wiper Linkage and/or Plastic Retainer

    I am looking for the long wiper linkage and the two plastic retainers that go with it (picture #1) or one plastic retainer (only need 1 round plastic retainer shown in picture #2 and I would repair my existing long wiper linkage) Jeff
  9. Matt1260

    Wanted 1974 accelerator linkage

    Looking for these parts, and the orange pedal firewall boot as well if anyone has these:
  10. Matt1260

    1974 accelerator linkage OEM

    I'm wondering what the original accelerator bracket/linkage was suppose to look like here, and if those are still available anywhere. One of the POs hacked this up and I want to get it back to stock. Thanks in advance!
  11. R

    Wanted 1979 FJ40 throttle linkage

    Need complete except pedal. Part that mounts on firewall Linkage to pedal Linkage to carburetor Bracket that mounts to carburetor base Throttle shaft from firewall to carburetor Springs (if available) Thanks
  12. arcteryx

    Vendor Late model 60 Series Transfer Case Linkage

    pics and details are here 60 Series, Transfer Case Linkage, Later model


    Hi , -I have a Clean low miles Weber 32 36 DGV made in Spain red-line air horn for late model 2F USA special air cleaner man a fre adapters base - this is a upgraded manual choke model requires OEM choke cable - other info #27 # #26 stamped on side barrels ? - I donr know much about...
  14. S

    64 fj45 3-speed shift linkage

    Hello from a new member here. Trying to put together a basket case fj and need some help with how the shift linkages connect. If anyone has some pictures it would be greatly appreciated
  15. tat2matt

    Wanted air cleaner assembly and throttle linkage

    Shipped to 80503. Thanks 2f fj60
  16. Nixon481

    Wanted Portland, OR. Looking for floor transfer case linkage for '69 fj40

    anyone have a line on the linkage and shifter to covert my under-dash transfer case lever to the hump in my '69 fj40? I'm in Portland OR.
  17. offkilter

    For Sale FJ40 accelerator linkage and pedal. Vancouver, B.C.

    Partial linkage and pedal from an unknown year . $75 US plus shipping. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  18. Matt1260

    Wanted 1973-74 FJ40 Cowl Vent Linkage

    Looking for the linkage for the cowl vent + pull knob and bracket...
  19. KY Longhunter

    For Sale Early F135 / Big Window Carb with linkage in Kentucky

    Early F135 in Kentucky for Sale Including Big Window Carb (damaged at base) :frown: located in Bowling Green, KY
  20. Tireguy87

    Wanted [AR] transfer case linkage

    I've got a 3 speed case mated to an H41 4 speed trans. I have the shift lever and bracket that mounts to the transmission. I also have the arm that runs down the nose cone. What I need is the linkage parts that run from the arm on top of the transfer case to the shift lever. I think these...
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