1. joellapidus

    $1,100 light bulb

    Ahoy! As an OCD yuppie who loves his 05 LX (sigh, it never leaves pavement), my heart breaks to see a dashboard bulb be seemingly un-replaceable. Which bulb? There are three teeny tiny bulbs under the radio that activate the rear-defrost, rear HVAC and heated mirrors. The indicator for each...
  2. 08t4r

    IPF 968 Lights w/ White IPF covers - in ATL

    I have a pair of IPF 968 lights w/ the white IPF covers, and 100 watt hella bulbs installed. I think I have the IPF 100 watt bulbs as well. Lights have ~5" wiring pigtails attached to each (I kept the remainder of the harness). No scratches, mud, discoloration or chips in the glass. They were...
  3. Grimmjow

    Headlights - Can We Make a Definative Guide/Thread?

    Ok, I've done my due diligence and searched the forum, but most the threads I found are outdated or don't provide all the info needed. I need a new set of lamps, housing and all. I'm not looking for a retrofit or how much of a tan I can get by standing in front of them. Just a solid plug-n-play...
  4. Recon Aircrew

    Another Cargo Area Lighting Solution

    There are many excellent cargo area lighting solutions on the forum but being a bit of a flashaholic I wanted to go another route. Also, I’m still averse to drilling holes into any large, difficult to replace panels. So, here is what I came up with: I had a small (1.875”) polymer Picatinny rail...
  5. Ghostrider I

    Light bar question.

    In time I am going to have four round Hellas on a light bar in front of a basket. However, what do y'all recommend to use for a light bar? I was thinking about using a Thule loadbar, but how would I bolt the lights down? Do I incorporate longer bolts? In addition, what about the wiring? Inside...
  6. M

    Recommendation for LED Light Bar in 2017

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying a 30-inch light bar to mount on my JK's hood, and wanted to get everyone's opinion on some options: 1. Rigid Adapt: Looks pretty cool and I like that they can change the beam pattern instantly. Looks kind of expensive though. 2. Rigid RDS: Curved bar should...
  7. KLF

    LED interior lighting upgrade

    Having owned several Toyota/Lexus vehicles, I've always thought they dropped the ball on the interior lighting. They are just not bright enough, especially compared to competitors. The 200-series has a lot of lighting, but the weak incandescent bulbs need improvement. No idea if they have...
  8. gummycarbs

    Inexpensive replacement bulbs for dash (climate controls, PRNDL, most buttons)

    Toyota wants around $10 each for those little 1/4 turn bulbs that are used in the PRNDL cluster, the climate control, and most of the buttons. I finally found a reasonably priced alternative on Mouser: Mouser PN 560-DNW1-DW33 (manufacturer PN DNW1-DW33. $1.18 each. Shipping was $4.99...
  9. T

    Auxiliary lighting installation question

    As I am about as bad as it gets when it comes to wiring and I'm getting ready to add a new bumper with a light bar and a couple of driving lights. The light bar came with a wiring harness and I will have to add one for the driving lights. I was looking at the slee headlight conversion harness...
  10. Gun Runner 5

    Dash Pod Lighting

    I've now owned four Land Cruisers that have had dash pods and the light switch has not worked in a single one including my current Cruiser so I have a few questions. 1) Does anyone have one where the light does indeed work and can you provide photos? 2) How many bulbs are inside the pod? 3) What...
  11. RFB

    I need 97 FZJ80 Plug and Play lights

    I currently have a set og "halos" with only one xenon light that works, the Slee wirning harness doesnt hook up harness has a diff adaptor than the headlight, I dont think wring them up(cutting off adaptors) will fly, So What lights can I get that will plug into harness and give me back hi/low...
  12. ryanCA

    Additional lighting

    how or what is your recommendation to add more lightning to front of vehicle for nighttime driving ? I have stock front bumpers. Led bars in bumper or round hellatype lights? 2002 Tacoma Appreciate the help
  13. Gun Runner 5

    Aurora LED Lighting

    . Odd Iron Off Road in Thomasville, GA. now inventories a large selection of Aurora's LED off road lighting products. The above photo is Aurora's 7" Driving light. The website can be accessed by tapping "HOME" in my signature below. Each photo is followed by a brief description of the product...
  14. ElmoTheDestroyr

    Best onroad lighting option that will work in a TJM T-13 bull bar?

    Hi, I have a 99 Land Cruiser and compared to my daily driver (2005 Acura TL) I absolutely hate the headlights. Once you get used to good HID's, going back to halogens is painful. I am purchasing a TJM T-13 bull bar bumper in a couple weeks, and planned on putting some good lights in the...
  15. Dan Higgins

    Roof Rack Mounted Lighting Options/Configurations?

    In a few weeks Gobi will be installing a new Stealth rack for me. I am also having them wire it for lighting. But, to be honest, I have never had lighting on the roof (or any auxiliary lighting for that matter.) So I'm looking for input as to what and where. Of course the rack has a number...
  16. C

    Lighting newbie ?

    I am a newbie when it comes to hooking up lights and debating if I should tackle the job my self or take to a shop. Just purchased a 94 LC that came with lighting not yet installed in the ARB bumper. Two sets of lights: Auxbeam 7" LED Light Bar 36W 3600LM CREE Driving Light 30...
  17. samtoddlee

    Local company for flood lights?

    figured this was quickest way to find out. I'm looking into putting some spots / floods on my roof rack front and back and heard through a friend that there's a local company that produces these types of lights. Friend couldn't remember the name though? Anyone know about this? Thanks.
  18. DanMedeiros

    Need to add dome light to cargo area

    I was hoping to pick everyone's collective brains here. I was out surfing last night and came back in after dark. It's such a pain in the ass that the dome light in my LX is right above the 2nd row seats. Overtime I have to crawl in a wet disgusting wetsuit over all my gear to turn it on. I'd...
  19. 4RunnerFred

    How loud is an LED Bar?

    hey folks, who has an LED light bar, whether flat or curved, and how loud is it, wind-wise when driving near or greater than highway speeds??? Thanks!!!
  20. Markuson

    Finally! Pleasing, Warm LEDs for Interior

    So why LED? What's the big deal? For one: Power consumption. The stock bulbs are 8 watts each. That's 80 watts! -All 10 LEDs together? only 10 watts total at 1 watt each x10. That very reassuring when it comes to long nights of battery use when camping, etc. Second: Brighter, more useful...
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