1. jefo13

    iPad Mini ez installation

    So I exhausted all simple ways to potentially add CarPlay to my 2016 so one day I realized that my iPad mini would be even better than CarPlay and thanks to the smart case and the metal speaker grill this became and ez choice for me... [I will take better pictures later] I’m using iPad mini 4...
  2. Markuson

    iPad Mount V2: Strong, No-Drill, Vibration-Free $26 :)

    First... a past version fixed: Some time back I mounted an iPad using multiples of those magnetic steel ball mounts with a similar placement...but was never completely happy. It was fiddly to get placement just right, and the mounts tended to slowly peel off over time. PROBLEM SOLVED. Super...
  3. yonah

    RAM Universal No-Drill RAM POD HD Vehicle Mount

    200 owners, I use an IPad for navigation off pavement and mounted it via a BirdDawg HD TechDeck in my Tacoma. I'm considering RAM's Universal No-Drill HD mount for my 200 as it seems like the most stout solution - and I do not want to drill any holes in my dash. Here's a link to the unit: RAM...
  4. LandCruiserPhil

    WANTED - iPad Air2

    With the new release of the iPad gen5 Review: Apple’s $329 iPad is for people who have never upgraded their tablet Im looking for the previous model iPad Air2 with 128GB. I dont need cell but not a deal breaker at the right price. PM me with info and price
  5. MrCWineMan

    Rebirth of a 1985 FJ60 with 380K miles.

    Okay - so this is not a build thread per say, but more of a list of what I have done to our FJ60 and an open place for you - the esteemed members of ih8MUD to tell me what I missed and what else I need to do! Here is a copy paste off of my website of what I have done so far. Should you want to...
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