1. T

    1hz timing

    Ok so a bit of a confusing one but I’d better put it out there coz I feel like a numpty atm I have a 1990 hzj75 ute I blew the motor I bought a 1hz from a 1994 80 series I switched over the injector pumps because the one I bought was f***ed thinking they would be the same or at least the same...
  2. vankho

    FJ62 3FE Cylinder 1 Not-Firing? Running Rich?

    This pass weekend, I was doing some compression tests trying to diagnose a possible head gasket leak and did a double-take on the state of my relatively new spark plugs. FJ62 is pretty rough from a cold start, especially under 1500 RPM. There's an occasional popping sound but disappears as it...
  3. aussiefzj80

    1HDT Injector seat damage

    Hi legends, Regards from Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. I pulled the injectors from a 1HDT last week and used the well documented reverse clamp method to extract the injectors. For all but one the copper washer was attached and came out along with the injector. However, the washer on #5 was...
  4. suprarx7nut

    12 Hole Injector Upgrade - Finally Tested

    With the help of the ih8mud community, we were finally able to test the 12 hole injector upgrade. See the video below. Huge thanks to @RiverRatMatt @BuckeyeFan and @J1000 for stepping up to the plate and ponying up with contributions. As far as I can tell we were able to produce the most...
  5. BSheps

    Fuel in cylinder on compression test

    So I did a compression test yesterday on my 1hdt. I followed a post on here which was very helpful. I disconnected the fuel solenoid to the fuel pump and Cranked it to make sure there wasnt being any fuel injected Then tested through the glow plug holes in order. However fuel (quite a lot)...
  6. Whiphub

    Bosch 4 Hole Fuel Injectors?

    Anyone here running these Bosch or any other “4 hole” injector? I’ve only found a couple posts, the main one mainly about troubleshooting wiring of the injectors. Links to the injectors and post below.
  7. sunrk

    Dial indicator suggestion for genuine Toyota 1hz 1hdt IP timing tool ?

    Managed to pick up a new genuine Toyota tool for setting injector pump timing on 1hz and 1hdt motors. Is there a specific type of dial indicator required to go with it or just any one that has the right thread and scaling? Thanks, craig.
  8. sunrk

    Fitting new genuine set of 1hz injectors soon - what else to replace ?

    I've tracked down a set of new genuine 23600-69055 injectors to suit the 1hz motor in my 80 and will be fitting them once I get the time. Got them much cheaper that what Amayama or Partsouq are quoting so jumped on them to take some positive action about the poor idling performance with the...
  9. M

    2UZ Injector Insulator Question

    Noticed injector insulators were looking questionable when I did starter contacts last weekend so ordered all new o-rings (90301-07024), grommets (90480-13005), and insulators (23291-41010) to freshen things up. I am not seeing where these insulators belong and or may have the wrong part as...
  10. sunrk

    Dial gauge use for diesel injector pump timing and brake rotor run-out

    I don't have a dial-gauge or really know how to use one, but I can think of two jobs straight off the top of my head that use one - setting timing for an injector pump on a diesel motor, and checking brake rotor run-out. Can someone give some advice on what kind of dial gauge to use for each of...
  11. Akella

    SOLD  1HD-T Fully rebuild Injection Pump and Injectors, London ON

    I have a 1-HDT diesel injection pump and injectors set out of HDJ81. It was fully rebuild with a lot of brand new Denso parts in it so it's condition is nearly as brand new. Injectors come with brand new nozzles and they were all factory spec calibrated. PUMP is SOLD Injectors are SOLD Shipping...
  12. pseudodiesel

    1985 2L - Mismatched Injectors

    Hi All, Got a quandary for you, any wisdom much appreciated! I pulled the injectors out of my 1985 2L LN56 during a rebuild (full thread forthcoming, it's been a journey) and discovered that one of the injectors is mismatched, see pics below. I didn't think anything of it until I was about to...
  13. Omoitsurugi

    LJ73 - 2L-T Fuel Injectors

    Has anyone used the Fuel Injectors off this website? I mean its a difference between $300-$400 for a set to $100 for a set. Problem is it's DHL and won't ship to my FPO address (I think) but it's almsot a deal i can't pass up with a leaky injector already. Toyota 3L Diesel Injector 093500-4042...
  14. veiloctane

    Hard time removing injector washer seal.

    I did my injectors today and had a issue with removing 1 injector seal. I was able to get it out with a lot of effort but I may have caused some damage. I tried to split the washer with a flat head screwdriver to pull it out. I went slowly to try and not damage the surface I stopped before...
  15. Pauciflora

    Help with injector seat kit

    G'day Guys, I picked up my rebuilt injectors during the week. They came with a '2H and H model injector seat kit'. Contained in kit are some silver coloured washers with two little holes. Are these washers just for the 'H' model. My 2H Workshop Manual doesn't show them and I don't recall...
  16. ianfotheringham

    3b injector pump problems...

    gs - long time 2f'er, trying to get my first 3b up and running.... background: got an 86 chassis with OME suspension i want to use, then got an 83 3b and 5 speed to put in....had to move the forward engine mounts, among other problems, including a seize over this last winter, which i recently...
  17. LifeOverland

    Misfire after Fuel Injector servicing

    I pulled my fuel injectors in my '97 LX with 253k miles and brought them to a local injector shop for cleaning/servicing. I've used them many times before for diesel injector cleaning/servicing. While the upper plenum was off I decide to clean the oily crap out of it, and wiped out the lower...
  18. franzugan

    1hd-t vs 1hd-ft injector pump

    Hi guys, simple question that I cannot find an answer for. I have the 1hd-t engine in my car and have an ft pump sitting in the garage shelf. It needs to be taken to the shop and tuned back to specs. My question is: are there any differences between the two, can they be interchanged and if yes...
  19. dan1554

    1hdt injector o-ring Dimensions

    I purchased a kit that included the copper washers but not the o-rings, and I'd rather not pay/wait for shipping from Australia to get them. Does anyone know the dimensions for the 1hdt injector o-rings? I heard Viton rings might be a good upgrade to what Toyota provides. Is there any truth to this?
  20. N

    1HD-FT injector upgrade

    I asked my diesel shop who is very reputable when it comes to toyota diesel tuning a quote to get my 1HD-FT injectors checked and rebuilt if necesarry. He told me it is better to convert my 2-stage injectors to single-stage injectors, better low down performance he said. I searched on Mud and...
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