1. B

    SOLD  Petaluma, California: 1985 Toyota Landcruiser HJ75 Pickup

    For Sale: $17,000 USD 1985 Toyota Landcruiser HJ75 Pickup Diesel Super wench installed Right side drive 2 door, 3 passenger 310,103 Miles Originally from AU. Registered in Ca Interior/exterior/engine need TLC Currently NOT RUNNING. For Sale AS-IS. Maggiolina Roof Top Tent is extra $$ or can be...
  2. I

    For Sale  1990 Toyota Land Cruiser LHD HJ75 Troop

    Good afternoon, Land Cruiser Mart brings you a 1990 toyota land cruiser LHD HJ75 Troop Carrier. Mileage is 450,000 km/ 281,000 miles. 4.0 Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engine. Location is Nicaragua, Price is 19,000 shipped anywhere in continental USA.
  3. KevinThe75

    1988 Hj75 Restoration/Build

    I recently started restoring my dads old 1988 Hj75 ute to its former glory. The body is extremely rusty, and currently doesn’t have a roof on it, but the engine is in surprisingly good condition, (nothing can kill an old 2H engine). Yesterday and today i got to work stripping the interior and...
  4. Coxxy

    Builds  Refurbishing a 1985 HJ75 Trakka Bushman

    Well, I have owned this 1985 HJ75 for just about a year and have started the process of building it into a functional, durable, and liveable vehicle. Before dropping the cash on the build-out, I wanted a thorough understanding of the vehicle dynamics and my interaction with it, thus, the...
  5. 1derer

    SOLD  San Jose CA, 1988 HJ75 Camper

    Asking $29,500 California Titled, registered Motorhome, Plated and VIN replaced by CHP Pictures: HJ75 For Sale Youtube walk around from Adventure Van Expo: 1988 Toyota HJ75 UTE - Right Hand Drive : Country of Origin: Australia Miles: 72,000KM - 45,000 miles Engine: 2H Diesel (mpg: HWY/...
  6. 75rig

    Hj75 body mount bolt lengths

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows the length of the body mount bolts as I am installing a body lift and need the bolts but do not have the vehicle with me at the moment.
  7. BinduHJ75

    HJ75 rear hub stud ALL SHEARED OFF

    Hey guys, new to the Mud so just posting this here for some help. I have a HJ75 ute .2 days ago while driving all the studs on the right rear hub sheared off , luckily didn't lose the shaft, wheel or anything else that would've wanted to come off then. I cannot figure out why it sheared off...
  8. G

    1987 Hj75 Conversion

    Hey first post I have a 1987 Hj75 2H turbo, took it out for a fourby the other day went as it alway did, got back to the car and it had a bad knock all of a sudden. Pulled it down yesterday and it’s grabbed a ring on cyl 3. Head seem to Be fine. Pre combs have a few small cracks. Before I go...
  9. just differentials

    Nitro Gear's 1987 Land Cruiser HDJ75 Troopy Trakka Bushman - Walkaround of "Cobby Bob"

    1st Walkaround: Nitro Gear's 1987 Land Cruiser HDJ75 Troopy Trakka Bushman - "Cobby Bob" - Completed with a 1HD-FT Toyota Diesel Engine // #DieselToyota We just it back from Goose Gear after handling the overland style interior build-out! Since we're in WA at Nitro Gear & Axle HQ again with it...
  10. J

    Hj75 purchase opinion

    Hi, everyone i want to get my first land cruiser. So a guy is selling a hj75 (at least i think its that one) for 6500 the car is from '92 has a 2h engine and some other mods. Has 200k km. Dont knoe anything else about the car but am planning to see it today. What are you opinions and...
  11. athensrep

    For Sale  HJ75 HZJ75 rear jump seats - $300

    I have two rear jumps seats from my HJ75 drivers side (US LHD) in decent shape. Both work fine and just need a cleaning. There is some tape on on corner. You can have the belts too. I don't need it as mine is now outfitted for camping. I'm in Atlanta.
  12. athensrep

    For Sale  HJ74 HJ45 rear jump seats - Atlanta

    I have two - both for the US drivers side - in good overall shape. Needs some cleaning up, but folds up great. If you need seat belts, I have those too. $300 take them.
  13. Willis

    Builds  A Trakka Troopy Revival

    I've been dreaming far too long about getting a 70 series. I finally decided to stop wishing and sold all my projects I didn't truly love for one that I really did. After @6070toyetero texted me(by accident he claims) about a Trakka converted Troopy he had found, I made moves to sell my FJ62...
  14. S

    DIY Roof Lining Options?

    New member but long time reader of IH8MUD. I'm currently rebuilding a 1989 HJ75 (2H) and am after ideas on DIY roof lining. Looking at putting some kind of insulation in too as I live in the tropical heat of Far North Queensland, Australia. Has anyone done their own insulation/lining? I...
  15. Walter Tulin

    HJ75 and 1HZ

    Hi All, What's the difference between land Cruiser HJ75 and 1HZ 75 series? Thanks team.
  16. L

    Sub tanks from other 4x4s to fit HJ75

    Yet another sub tank post. Im currently researching options to fit an aux tank (preff long range) in my HJ75 ute. Has anyone found any other model cars that also can be fitted to the HJ75? I just cant justify spending $1500 on a rear tank and am hoping to find something suitable second hand...
  17. BanjoSC

    Daily Driver HJ75 imported vehicle

    Does anyone drive an HJ75 troopy or double cab truck on the daily? If so, what year and is this the only vehicle that you own? Any downsides to this being your sole vehicle?
  18. S

    Hj75 trooper SOA suspension

    Hey everyone, first post on the forum here haha, I have a 90' hj75 troop carrier with a spring over axle setup and the shocks have passed its time, it currently has the rancho 9000's in but I want to know what other shocks people recommended for this application ? Any help at all is appreciated.
  19. athensrep

    For Sale  70 series HJ75 rear jump seats

    These two rear jump seats came out of my 1988 HJ75 and I no longer need them due to building out a sleeping platform. These are pulled from the (U.S.) drivers side. Both are grey over grey and in good overall shape with some of the usual surface rust and a spot of black duct tape. They are...
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