heater blower

  1. G

    AC Blower does not operate

    About a month ago I was tried turning on my heater in my 1988 FJ62. It did not work. As I accelerated on the highway, I noticed that the air coming into the car was warm. I also tested out the cold. It also worked but would not blow in any of the positions between low and high. I moved the...
  2. Fieldtester96

    Fj62 ac/heater problems. Who every can fix this ill buy them a beer

    So today while fixing a shifter problem i had my air going to keep the mosquitoes off of me. I didnt have the car running and the air just stopped. I checked fuses and everything. I looked at some threads and tried to reset my circuit breaker, i took apart the blower and it looks immaculate. I...
  3. Adam A

    Heater, gauges, and radio all stopped working! Help please!

    My 1978 fj40 radio (aftermarket) went out. Then I looked down and my gauges (oil, temp, fuel) were all going down to zero. The truck runs perfectly fine other than that. The first thing I did was check the fuses and the heater fuse was blown. I replaced that, checked all the other fuses with a...
  4. J

    Heater/A/C not working

    Hello, New to the site so I apologize if I am out of order on something. I recently purchased an 84 fj60. 2f engine that had been desmogged and had a Holley carb installed. Runs well. Short version, I have no working a/c and no heater fan. Has a good fuse. Please help. Summer is heating up...
  5. morganism

    Hard start, slow starter - SOLVED Ignitor/Coil grounding

    Just posted up a hard start thread, and got lots of the regular advice, check cables/grounds, fusible links, solenoid tests, ignition switch etc. But have noticed this typically happens when the first cold comes. Which made me wonder, how does the FJ60 know when the heater is on? 83 FJ60 4spd...
  6. ridgeback rig

    Rear heater fan turning slowly

    the rear heater on my 93 is heating but not blowing air. With the seat removed you can see the fan turning slowly. What would be causing this? Trying to get the whole unit out now. Any advice about how to do that?
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