1. partytime

    Wanted  WTB 3FE head - SoCal

    My head is cracked, machinist says it's too big to repair. Anyone got a good head? Willing to drive pretty far, or arrange shipping. If the head condition is unknown (not-magnafluxed for cracks) I'd need a very low price, or assurance that you'd be willing to refund -b
  2. Cravati

    FIPG on rocker arm assembly?

    Putting the engine back together after a valve job. Where the rocker arm assembly meets the head, there is no sealant or gasket. With the oil passage going through the two parts, wont oil leak out the side of that joint and reduce oil pressure to the rockers? Should some sort of sealant around...
  3. Ted Kush

    For Sale  1971 FJ40 Landcruiser Parts

    I have a 1971 FJ40 Land cruiser that I purchased as a parts vehicle for a rebuild of another. I have a lot of parts I will not need. I will ship smaller parts, however, larger parts are pick up only in Virginia Beach VA. Below is the removed items I have along with a pic of the parts vehicle...
  4. T

    For Sale  FZJ80 Head Gasket, Head Bolts, misc

    I have a few things that I ended up not needing for my engine rebuild. These are brand new, OEM parts. Might trade for ARP head bolts or cometic gasket. Head Gasket- $75 (SOLD) Oil Cap- $10 Head Bolt Set (Qty 14)- $175 Parts are in OKC, OK.
  5. techster82

    For Sale  KY: FJ40 2F Rebuilt Head - 61031 Casting

    I have a freshly rebuilt 2F Head for sale that is ready to go for someone's domed piston 2F build. All work on the rebuild was done by Kennedy Performance here in Lexington, KY. (I can furnish the receipt verifying the work done to the buyer or prospective buyers). The following list was...
  6. MrW

    Toyota 2L part search help needed!

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here on IH8MUD. I have been successfully wrenching (thanks to forums like these) on a few Toyotas ( 95 T100 5vz-fe w/ 459km on it, and more recently a 85 Hiace Pickup 2L with 92km) now for a while. I find much of the information here useful and I am hoping to...
  7. Ebike toter

    1KZTE short valve head to 2lte block

    Hi all. As part of my 2lte upgrades roject I'm researching head replacement options.. I know a 3l head will fit but I'm intrigued with a 1KZTE short valve head.. it's the bigger intake & exhaust valves.. So will this head fit my 2lte block?? Thanks for your replies in advance..
  8. Miamedia

    LX450 Potential Head Gasket leak / Cracked Head

    I bought a well maintained ‘97 LX450 from a neighbor a few weeks ago. It has 188K miles, just had an oil change and it was running like a top before I took it to a local Midas yesterday for new belts (a/c, alternator and v-belt). Midas also replaced the fluid in both differentials and my...
  9. sunrk

    Non-turbo vs turbo diesel fuel plumbing, primers, etc for Toyota's

    I've been looking into this a bit because I got an incorrect (ports too big) fuel primer head a while back and didn't realise until then there were two sizes of fuel line fitted to 80's for the Australian market. So I went looking in toyodiy at the p/n's and discovered that for mine (1992) the...
  10. Matthew Deweese

    Head and Block identification and compadability

    I need help identifying compatadability with my block and head. my block vin is 232080 and I have attached some pictures of the head. I'm trying to change the head gasket but can't figure out what gasket to get and if the head I'm using will work. I think the block is an early model f engine I'm...
  11. CUSailor

    Head issues/MacGyver fixes?

    7/'79 FJ40 So you may have seen other threads where I was asking about ignition and emissions issues. Here's a head issue. One of the main reasons I started to work on the vehicle was I was getting significant oil/gas in my carb (Weber 2 Barrel) to the point it was smoking. Figured we'd...
  12. RocketCityCrzrs

    For Sale  3FE head

    Guys, I bought another head for my 88 fj62 and don't need it. It came from a running engine with good compression. I took it to the machine shop I always used and had them recondition it. It has new valves, new springs, and new seals. It has been pressure tested and magnafluxed. It is...
  13. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  1991 Engine Related Parts,Electronics,Distributor,Alternator

    SoCal from an FJ80 1991 3FE engine block without head Exhaust System - Complete or Parts Coil Sensors ECU Alternator (not the big one) Starter All Brackets PS pump (pulley has been sold) Air Conditioning System or parts, compressore, lines, etc (R12 system) Radiator Water Pump ETC...
  14. UGA2018

    2F head rebuild threads

    I'm planning to rebuild my head in the next few months and I want to read up as much as possible. I can't find anything in the FAQ section for the 60's or 40's that seems to be the definitive guide to rebuilding the head. Other than the FSM can you point me in the direction of any threads that...
  15. RocketCityCrzrs

    3FE Engine Help, head gasket?

    OK guys, let me try to do the best explanation i can on this. I have an 88 fj62 with the 3fe in it. Bought the truck 4 years ago and the motor was toasted. I pulled it and did a full rebuild, slapped it back in and drove the bejesus out of it for the last 4 years as a daily. The engine had...
  16. Bike n Board Cruiser

    Freeze plug replacement on head while on the vehicle?

    I have done some searches and found info pertaining to the freeze plugs on the block and while the engine or head is out. I'm wondering if anyone has successfully replaced the freeze plug on the back of the cylinder head while still on the vehicle? The space seems pretty tight and I'm wondering...
  17. BushChook

    Is my Cylinder Head still stuffed?

    Hi guys, i am new here but i was told you are good for technical information. I have just performed my first ever cylinder head swap, and i followed all the instructions and i think i either messed up or i got a crap head. The head is a "new" one from the wreckers, it was straight to my...
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  1FZE Cylinder Head Fresh out of Machine Shop (FJ80)

    SoCal Hot tanked, inspected, Valve Job and Resurfaced, Cleaned ports, Nice Work, Receipts. $675 firm. Shipping available - Crate cost $70 + actual cost to ship. Fits 93-97 and some 98s. Send Personal Message for more info.
  19. natas801

    Parting Out  2.4 diesel block and head

    like the title says i have a good block and head from an 84 2.4 diesel located in Reno NV text is best 801-564-9029 Ryan $100 each
  20. Desert Dino

    Help: Reconstructing the washer system front, tail and head lights

    It seams the PO was a douchebag. let me rephrase he really was When somthing broke that is not critical he would bypass it When I got my Rig I filled the washer tank with good blue stuff every button i pushed I got water on the front window I read here and searched here all the posts...
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