1. NookShneer

    For Sale The North Face VE25 Tent

    Purchased a few years back, used on one trip. Looking for $500 plus the ride. Payment via PayPal. I have a new 40 project begging for attention. Includes the footprint which is normally a separate purchase. Also snow stakes and regular stakes. Bomber ground tent for the worst conditions...
  2. sunrk

    Same or different gear oil for manual box and transfer case ?

    That perennial question 8-) I currently run Caltex VMX-M in both the 5-spd manual box (with Nulon G-70) and part-time transfer case (with no additive) of my 80. Looking to try something else. I've had recommendations to firstly not use the same oil in both and secondly to go with Redline MT-90...
  3. Aldog

    Are all 40 series transfer cases compatible?

    G'day. Recently I bought an 82 HJ47 Landcruiser, my second 40 series cruiser. The transfer case is rooted and now the outputs shaft flops around like nothing else and the only gear that goes in is 4L (they go in but they grind and do all sorts of s***. Also the case itslef is cracked.) I...

    DMOS Shovels!!!!

    DMOS makes an amazing shovel. I have 3 different models and they are all great, strong, and light weight. The compact down to fit just about anywhere. Lifetime warranty too. Right now they are having a sale!!!! SALE
  5. Frkens

    FJ62, 1988, hot transmission, jumps out of 2nd gear

    Hey guys, Two simple questions in the bottom of this loong post. I looked for a similar thread, but couldn't find any, so here's a new one. The other day I was driving down a Sandy road, and did some pretty cool offroading. Did a little bit of climbing on some rocks too. It was freaking...
  6. JBHorne

    Nitro 4.88 Gears Review

    Hi all! In September I had Nitro 4.88 gears installed in my 2008 200-series after debating this mod's necessity for nearly nine years. The tl;dr version: I should have done this MUCH sooner. The difference is night and day. Before I begin I'd like to thank Carl (@justdifferentials) with JT's...
  7. Ketzer

    Stumbling when cold in 3-4 gear...

    I'm having an issue when I first take off driving in the morning. It will pull fine in first and second getting out of the neighborhood, once I get out on the highway and try 3-4, it begins to really stumble and even pop out the exhaust. I tried starting it up and letting it sit and idle for...
  8. CaptHamster

    Gear Noise from Transfer...Bearing?

    Hey all Over the past few months, I have been getting a progressively louder gear noise coming from the transfer case over ~20MPH...Here's some more info: 1.) TCase work done by a local shop approx 5 years ago (overhaul w/new shims, bearings, races and seals) 2.) Gear noise only when under...
  9. pandasfj

    For Sale Trail Gear Drive Flanges,So. Cal.

    Have a Trail Gear chromoly flange kit, $70 Paypal friends n family, plus shipping or local pick up.
  10. CurtB

    Steering Gear Box for Rent? :)

    Any of y'all have a spare steering gearbox laying around that I could rent, while I send my leaky one off to West Texas? Also, I vaguely remember a couple more options for folks doing the rebuild...anyone remember?
  11. 4WD Swagman

    Vintage Camping Gear - What Do You Use?

    Inspired by the Coleman thread, welcome to the vintage camping gear thread. The rules? There's just one rule - it has to be at least 30 years old, so manufactured on or before 25APR1987 ;) Show us what you got.
  12. Skeet

    Wanted Gear selector

    Friend needs a part for his 78 FJ40. Says it's the front gear selector on the transfer case. Any help would be appreciated
  13. D

    H55F stuck in first gear

    Hi H55F gurus! My gearbox is stuck in first gear. I have pulled the top off but can't budge the selectors. The weird thing is that when you accelerate up an incline it jams in first and it comes free sometimes on the level or when the truck is pointing down an incline. Any bright ideas...
  14. Matt1260

    For Sale FJ40 Differential Complete Rebuild Kit

    These are still new in the box. Thought I'd need them but the diff turned out to be fine. DIFFERENTIAL OVERHAUL KIT FJ40/55/60, F&R applications, 45mm carrier bearing Toyota Land Cruiser 9.5″ 4.10 Ring & Pinion by NITRO Toyota Land Cruiser 9.5" 4.10 Ring & Pinion by NITRO Purchased for $400...
  15. Dharma Dude

    Black Forest Gear Cargo Slides

    I have no affiliation with Black Forest Gear but I saw this on YouTube Almost the same size as the ARB cargo slide but cost about half the price. Does anybody have any experience with this product?
  16. K

    Gear ratio help, FJ60......

    Have a 1982 FJ 60, currently on 35' tires with 488 front and back gear ratio's (running super high RPMs). I would like to swap out, at least the rear, for better fuel economy. I guess my questions are as follows.. 1. What gears do you guys feel would be best to make this an every day driver...
  17. Calgary40

    Any tricks to transmission or bell housing removal? & water in gear oil.

    Trying to get through to change the clutch on a 77. I removed the two top bolts and 3 per side on the bell housing then with trans and t case (and engine) supported tried to wobble/force/move everything back. When I got frustrated with that, I disconnected the four bolts around the trans and...
  18. DirtScaresMe

    long-ish trip - thoughts on my spare parts / tools / gear

    I've got a 1994 FZJ-80. My buddy and I are doing the Mojave Road. It's ~140 miles off road from the Colorado River to Barstow, CA. I've heard 3 days is a good amount of time. Driving ~400 miles to get to the start and ~300 miles back. Tools: Good selection of sockets / wrenches, even my...
  19. R

    LJ 70 5-speed pops out of first gear - how hard to fix?

    Hi All, My 86 LJ70 is popping out of 1st gear, which I assume means tearing into it. The syncros for going from 1st to second and second to third can be a bit grindy when cold as well. The truck has over 160k miles on it. Is this something I can do myself or have done in most garages or should...
  20. Monty231

    How does this gear pattern look?

    Installing ARB lockers and a new Nitro 4.10 ring and pinion. I have gone from .020 to .005 pinion shim and the pattern doesn't seem to change. I've also experimented with the backlash trying to keep it between .006 and .010, how just to see how the pattern changed I took a pattern at .020...
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