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  1. B

    full floating rear axle help!!!!

    so i am about to rip my hair out beacause o the bolts constantly breaking. i run 35 inch tires and knkow people who have run 40 inch tires with no problems. i am wondering if som kind smart person have modifications to make it last
  2. Too Tall Ted

    Wheel Bearing quality survey - chime in now!

    Hi Mudders, Looking for your experiences with wheel bearing replacement and how well they held up. I'm personally reluctant to buy China for fear of failure like I've seen in friend's vehicles. I'm hearing some major brands (SKF, Timkin) are manufacturing in China so I'm wondering if the...
  3. my67nova

    For Sale  1984 FJ60, 1HZ-T, NEW H55F - 5 Speed, FULL FLOATER REAR, too much to list

    UPDATE IN SHOP NOW GETTING AXLES AND LOCKERS INSTALLED. NEW UPDATE FRONT AND REAR AXLES REBUILT RCV FRONT AND REAR AXLES AND LOCKERS INSTALLED Rust Free, hate to sell but shoulder injury means no stick shift for me. Fresh 1HZ-T Toyota Turbo Diesel with Brand New direct from Toyota H55F 5 speed...
  4. B

    Wanted  Fj40 Rear Full floater drums

    looking for drums for my rear fullfloater brakes
  5. hoser

    For Sale  FZJ80 Rear Full Floater E-locker Axle (NorCal)

    For Sale, FZJ80 Full Floater E-locker Rear Axle. Complete, except for brake calipers. 4.10 gears. Tested the e-locker with 12V but no movement. I have not had the chance to troubleshoot it. I don't think it has been used in a long, long time. $650/obo Pick up near Auburn, CA. Shipping is...
  6. YotaJosh

    Looking for a full floater 80 series rear axle - locked or unlocked

    What the title says. Would prefer close to LR, but will travel some for a good one. I have a line on one from the CruiserYard in Austin, TX that I can get when I go to Roundup next month, but I'm iffy on it.
  7. joekatana

    For Sale  Full Floater GM 14 Bolt for FJ40 with Disc brakes

    SOLD I have a rear GM 14 Bolt for sale with upgraded disc brakes and new armored cover.This was narrowed to fit under my FJ40 and was working good but I have decided to start parting my cawler 40 out as I do not use it anymore.It has 3.70 gears in it and is welded * lug bolt pattern is...
  8. SuperDuperCruizer

    Builds  SuperDuper's BJ42 Build

    Wanted to start this thread to keep track of my build. Just trying to get the truck rolling again. I'm not looking to make it perfect, just want to enjoy driving it again. Rear Full-floating Axle Housing I've already installed a cable locker in the front axle. I'm currently working on...
  9. CruiserWeight

    HELP! Semi-Floating Rear Axle?

    How common are semi floating rear axles here in the states, I just picked up an fj60 with a semi floating rear axle but I see so many of them with full floaters. Basically my concern is if its the original axle or the previous owner took the full floater from my 60 and slapped on a semi. I will...
  10. Stumpalama

    FJ40 Full Floater Axle Build (IH8C-CLIPS)

    Well, it didn't take me long to break both stock rear axle shafts after moving up to 37" PBR's. It's now time to get rid of those c-clips forever and move up to a full floater with chromoly axle shafts. This thread will detail the process for converting an FJ40 axle to a full floater using...
  11. Gotrocks71

    For Sale  Parts For Sale, Taken off of 86' FJ-60

    I replaced a bunch of parts on my 60 with aftermarket stuff and have some left over parts that I need to get out of my yard. If you see something you want, but don't like the price, make me an offer and maybe we can work something out. Please do not low ball me! These parts are all off a 1986...
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