1. mrjordann

    Wanted 1F crank start handle

    Anybody have a crank start handle for an FJ40? The one that you stick in your crankshaft pulley nut to start the engine if the battery is dead. Thanks.
  2. mrjordann

    I need a new carburetor for my rebuilt F engine.

    Hi folks! I recently finished a full rebuild of my original 5/73 F engine. It was running very badly, and leaking so much oil that I was paying as much (or more) for oil than I was gas. Not fun. Long story short, it doesn't feel like it has any more power than it did before. I believe that my...
  3. dodored

    Mystery Vacuum Port - What is it?

    I am working on a 1972 FJ40 and found a vacuum switch on the intake manifold but have no clue as to what is does. Can anyone help identify this part? Also, if the Aisan carburetor is such a good choice for the FJ40s why are there so many that have been changed out? Why, back in the day, would...
  4. mrjordann

    Rebuilding F engine- do I need a new oil pump?

    Hi. My natural instinct is yes, I do need a new oil pump. But I have a 5/73 F engine and can no longer get a new oil pump because they're discontinued. I suppose I could upgrade to a 2F oil pump, but I've heard that I would need to get a 2F oil pan too. What are my options? Can I just reuse...
  5. Chris Dennis

    For Sale Toyota 1969 F Engine - Costa Mesa CA

    I have a 1969 Toyota F Engine that I was in the process of rebuilding as a backup for my current rig. I am moving and selling my rig so no longer need the back up engine. Engine is still in part stage but I do have the engine gasket rebuild kit. Rings were replaced. Sold as is. Head is good...
  6. Broc2C

    What is needed to replace f with 2f in '72 fj40

    I've scoured threads here and on Pirate and can't determine the answer to the following question in absolute: Will a (pre 1979) 2F replace an F engine in a 1972 fj40 without modifying the 3 speed transmission? Does it share the same transmission bolt patterns, engine mount location. I am aware...
  7. Broc2C

    V8 Swap: What am I up against ?

    I purchased a '72 fj40 a few weeks ago and was in the process of putting life back into it (a classic barn find, if you will) when a serious knock developed: spun bearings for sure. The current engine is an early F (not original) and had been "re-manufactured" as evident from a tag on the block...
  8. mrjordann

    What color should I paint my 73 F engine?

    Hi, I am rebuilding my truck's original F engine from may of 1973. I know the "F.5" engine came out in 1973, but mine is a May model so it should have the older engine. What color did these come from the factory? I have no idea what color to paint this thing, so I am thinking I will just do...
  9. mrjordann

    Crankshaft Pulley Nut won't come loose.

    Hi, I have an F engine and this nut won't seem to come loose. Is it reverse threaded or anything? Or do I just need more torque to remove it? Please excuse my ignorance. Thanks for any help.
  10. L

    Wanted WTB Running F or 2F

    Hi, Looking for a strong running 1.5F or 2F for sale. Up to 200 miles from 06830 (Greenwich, CT) Thanks
  11. Cajunboyk

    Wanted FJ40 1973 rear Swing out door complete NEEDED.

    Hello, i am looking of the rear swing out door Left and right alone with the hinges. Please post what you have and the condition and price. Thanks
  12. FixedIt

    Wanted Temp Gauge - 73 F Engine

    Evening all! I am in need of a functional temp gauge for a 73 F engine. The rest of my gauge cluster works, but the temp gauge does not work. Thank you in advance! Dave
  13. Aussie 25

    F engine number.

    I found an f engine with no F 108007 on it . I can't find any reference to engines with 108 for the first 3 digits. haven't seen the block yet so can't get the date off it. Could it be a truck or forklift engine ;
  14. cc93cruiser

    F engine water outlet paper gasket installation order

    Quick question... I have the diaphragm from an F engine cooling system/waterpump and I noticed I did not put the gasket on the pic ( letter D) in the correct order.. I put the thermostat on the lower piece water outlet and then paper gasket on top then the upper water outlet piece with rubber...
  15. David1947

    Replacing F with 2F Engine

    I did a search to see if anyone has posted more details about swapping out a F engine with a 2F but I was unable to locate anything. (Maybe I was using the wrong description.) Does anyone know of a thread that goes into the details of the swap?
  16. stevebradford

    FREE! Thread for free stuff.

    Thought I would make a thread to give away my free junk because you guys are the closest thing to family I can pawn my garbage off to.
  17. logic2

    Technical question about 1972 F carb vacuum

    My 72 FJ55 has what appears to be a stock F carb and is running good but I have a few questions about the vacuum connections. 1.) HIGHLIGHTED in RED - I'm not familiar with the vacuum diaphragm on the left side of the carb (what function does this diaphragm perform) ? 2.) HIGHLIGHTED in...
  18. Rock40

    Curious who made this "F" engine filtration part

    So, I recently found this aftermarket oiling setup on a CL 69' "F" motor. It's designed to run the common Fram PH8A screw on filter and it bolts directly to the "F" engine block were the regulator would normally go. I'm curious because the quality on this is VERY good. It's...
  19. Matt1260

    To get rid of an F Engine...

    ...what is the best thing to do? This engine I acquired but don't need, no one seems to want. I'm thinking of scrapping it. 800 lbs of metal should be worth something, no? Should it be saved? It's rebuildable, I just don't have anywhere to store it. Does some enthusiast out there want it? I...
  20. R

    For Sale Stock 1993 FZJ80 Factory Locked 141K miles

    Completely stock 1993 FZJ80 with just under 141,000 miles. Has all the options, including factory electric front and rear differential lockers (both in working condition). New brakes, radiator, and radiator hoses within the last 1,000 miles. Runs and drives great. Check engine light is on and...
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