Wanted Searching for engine and transmission

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Jun 28, 2022
norman oklahoma
United States
Hello everyone, i am in search of a used f or 2f unit with matching transmission. I have a f in my 70 right now and after dropping the oil pan due to a slight knock last year due to some dumbass at jiffy lube putting on the wrong size oil filter.(normally i do 100% of my work but sometimes life and time don’t coalign with that). after dropping the oil pan i could not find the correct fitting bearings (even from sor). it is finally getting to the point that i need to completely go the other way and build myself a 2f (preferably) to make a little more power and have higher gearing for highway travel as well. That’s where you come in, i could kindly use some pointing in correct directions of you or someone you know interested in selling your units.

Have a great night!
you could try posting a wanted thread in the classifieds:


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