1. D

    1981 - BJ40RV-KC - European

    Hi All I have a 1981 BJ40 which has Drum Brakes front and rear. Im currently undergoing a fully restoration - New Tub; 1uz with Manual Conversion; New Suspension etc My Attention is now with the Cars Breaking System. I like the look of the Wilwood manafrelv conversion but they cant confirm...
  2. danakittilsen

    European Greasers

    Any one on here in Europe?
  3. Humaro

    European companies to restore your J40 series.

    Hi, I am Looking for good places to restore a BJ42 at Europe, preferentially at Italy or Spain but any good place at Europe is fine. Any help is welcome. Thanks.
  4. Omer59

    FJ40 Drum Brakes

    Hi, I own a 1980 European version FJ40 with front Drum brakes. I need to replace brake pads and drums. My pads are 3" wide (is this the standard) and drums have fins. I cant find these drums. Cant I just use whats available in stores on the web? Thank you for all your comments....
  5. Navyator

    Factory Service Manual - Japanese Cruiser

    Hey all, I took a spin through a bunch of threads about the Factory Service Manual and the best options for downloading it. I also did a little google research and found two different sites; one is for vehicles made in North America (the one from all the threads) and another is a European...
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