1. JoshieWho

    Gx rses dvd player problems

    Hey folks. I bought this GX470 (2007), it has nav and rear entertainment. The rear dvd player has not worked for me since day one. No power, nothing... I have searched the internet including Mud’ and seen many conflicting answers. Some say it can be powered up without a remote (I have no...
  2. jerryb

    For Sale  2006 NAV ECU, DVD changer and JBL amp

    all from my 2006 LC, They have been on the shelf for a month or two. They all worked fine. Back up cam computer will also be on here when I can take the pass seat out again. DVD changer # 86270-60115 $400 JBL audio amp # 86280-0w061 $250 NAV ECU # 86841-50090 $250 Shipping included at those...
  3. MattSEG

    DVD delete?

    I have, what I think, is a dealer installed (EDIT: Clearly not dealer installed) ceiling mount monitor/DVD player (DVD is in the console). It has the audio setup for the rear in the back of the console. At any rate, in the last sub two weeks, my 2 year old, wife, and myself have hit our heads...
  4. LouisianaFJ

    DVD playback

    Picked up a 2008 LC couple weeks ago and my 2 knuckle heads already lost the DVD remote I know in previous threads its been discussed that only way to change rear source is with remote, but the seem to be a couple years old so... 1. anyone discovered a work around recently? 2. does the prestige...
  5. S

    Anyone have a rec for sourcing dvd remote, key, etc?

    Just picked up a 2010 LC and in typical fashion, it is missing a few housekeeping items like the dvd remote, second key, owners manual, etc. I'm the third owner and it has 100k on the clock. The truck is otherwise solid and has a clean carfax but it did go through auction, where I'm guessing...
  6. 1

    Rear DVD Player Help.

    We recently purchased a 2011 Land Cruiser and can't figure out the DVD system for the rear screen. Am I correct, that screen can only be used with a separate dvd player that has to be plugged up to the rear connections with the rca plugs? It just seems that you would be able to play the dvd up...
  7. YardPig

    Wanted  Console DVD Changer LC or LX470

    Looking for a Console mounted DVD 6 Disc Changer, LC or LX 2001-2007. I know people have torn them out to make room in the console... Following part numbers will work for me: 86270-60110 86270-60111 86270-60112 86270-60113 86270-60114 Thank you!
  8. MrCWineMan

    Wanted  200 series DVD screen covers.

    I know these exist- I was hoping someone has pulled the rear entertainment screens and no longer wants their screen covers- apparently my 2016 LC screen covers got missed in the process somewhere along the way.
  9. M

    Rear Seat Entertainment

    Had some loose connectors and got Rear screen working. Here is my question.....The armrest dvd magazine player will not play on the rear screen The rear screen has a dvd unit in the way back on the passenger side...that one plays on rear screen when playing the dvd in the front magazine, and...
  10. A

    Added Rear Seat Media Player LX/LC

    The rear seat entertainment center is cumbersome and with limited functionality, thanks to the inability to connect a USB drive or stick that will read movies, or give full selection control to the rear passengers. I found the following solution, for under $50, which works perfectly. - Micca...
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