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  1. W

    FJ62 Driver sideview power mirror

    Hey guys, I'm having an absolute bitch of a time finding a driver sideview power mirror for my '90 FJ62. Some a****** apparently took a swipe at it a while back and I can't find a replacement anywhere. Does anyone on here have a driver sideview power mirror for my FJ62 for sale? Please let me...
  2. S

    Drivers side reverse light wiring question

    Can anyone with an FSM (or reverese cam install experience) let me know what wires around the drivers side light housing i should be tapping for reverse light + and - ? Thats where my routing for a rear view camera is so i want to tap it as my power source/trigger. The other option is power...
  3. txnight

    Drivers side door lock

    Put down your flame thrower. I have searched this issue to death. Symptom: drivers side door will not unlock with key fob or electric door switch. All other locks correctly. In order to lock the front door you have to flip the manual lock switch on the door. Attempted fix: thinking the...
  4. DTFJ45

    Wanted  Drivers side window regulator

    I am looking for good working front drivers side window regulator. Mine is bent and un repairable.
  5. B

    Wanted  Wanted drivers side headlight for 100 series

    looking for a drivers side headlight for a 100 series. Can paypal money today. Thanks!
  6. shocktower

    water on the rear drivers side

    Ok she's old, but I cannot figure out why the rear drivers side passenger door card and floor mat get, wet. I checked the door drains and they are fine, I only get this on one side, weather stripping ? yes I did a search
  7. riffman12

    Wanted  FZJ80 Gray Drivers Side Sun Visor for '97

    Hi guys, My drivers side sun visor is sagging and it's starting to get really annoying. Anyone got one? My truck is a 97 Land Cruiser with gray interior I'm in the SF Bay Area Thanks!
  8. A

    For Sale  1996 LX450 drivers side doors, rust free

    For Sale: I have a front and rear drivers side door off of a 1996 LX450. Front door is excellent, cladding is all good, mirror works, power window does not. Rear door is in good shape, the cladding is gone due to a blow out, but the sheet metal is fine, power window works. No rust in either...
  9. tahoe40/45

    Wanted  63 to 74 drivers side window regulator

    Looking for a good drivers side window regulator for a 63 to 74 FJ40. thanks
  10. WillGentry

    Wanted  FZJ80 Drivers side A/C vent trim

    Looking for the plastic trim that goes around the passenger side A/C vent for my 96. Message me if you have one laying around. Edit: meant passenger side in title. Cant figure out how to edit it.
  11. 1978FJ4O

    Wanted  Drivers Side Window Regulator for 60 series

    For manual windows, my half moon is missing teeth.
  12. TomOsborne

    Blower motor in engine bay on drivers side behind head light

    Been trying to figure out what the blower motor is/does behind the drivers side head light. The box its contained in is missing the lid so the blower is exposed. I cant find it in the service manual. Really hate to post a thread for something you would think would be easy to diagnose but I've...
  13. surf40

    Wanted  FJ60 Snake blinder drivers side

    Hi, I'm looking for drivers side snake blinder for an 87 FJ60 and am located in SoCal for pick up or can pay shipping. Thanks!
  14. B

    Wanted  Seat Motor for 93 FJ80 85820-30220 Drivers side fwd & back

    Need a seat motor for the drivers side forward and backward function.
  15. O

    Wanted  3rd row drivers side seatbelt bolt

    Looking for the anchor bolt for the 3rd row drivers side seatbelt that goes to the floor. I have an '06 lx but I'm guessing any 100 series one would work. Thanks
  16. C

    Wanted  WTB fj80 drivers side headlight, Portland OR

    Looking for headlight drivers side 1993 fj 80
  17. landcruiserLV

    For Sale  80 series OEM tail light. Drivers side. (Las Vegas)

    OEM part, bought used on eBay, Driver's side only (left) never installed, truck totaled before I had the chance Asking $40. (Same price I paid) I'm in Las Vegas, NV. can ship anywhere. Post your zip code for shipping quote.
  18. Strand4x4

    For Sale  OEM Floor Mat Set for 80 Series New - Never Used

    For Sale a 4 Piece Set Land Cruiser Floor Mat Set. Both fronts, 2nd Row and 3rd Row Mat. Color is Gray/Grey. These mats are not available anywhere. This is for the serious restorer. I want $700 for the set and $25 for shipping. I hate to sell them, but my Land Cruiser has and Oak Interior and...
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